Dear travelettes, this is your captain speaking.

This website is still so young and already it’s totally got on the backburner of things with me working on a ton of new projects. Some in print, some online. This weekend I’ll direct my first music video and in 2 weeks is the launch of my new club night. Sounds busy? IT IS! The good news is that I’m traveling quite a bit and I really hope to get posting soon again.

For a belated happy new year, why not have a look at the video I made on new year’s eve at HBC, where I hosted the pink room (wearing a pink princess dress, naturally).

If you liked this, also check on the photos if you havent already done so.

Another berlin favorite this month was fashion week with parties left and right – again consult my other blog (which gets a lot more attention than this one here).

I will soon tell you about my recent trip to Athens where I not only had a great time partying every night, I also took the opportunity to set up a couple of fashion shoots and find out all about the local vintage clothing scene.

My travel itinerary for february: iIll be in London from Feb 4 to 8 (to shoot a fashion editorial for German lifestyle magazine PRINZ and to work with the post production people of the music video I’m shooting for Deine Jugend this weekend). Then I’ll be back in Berlin to prepare the launch of my new club night for Feb 16th and from feb 18 to 22 I will check out Milan, again to do a few shoots. I’m hoping the weather there will be a lot nicer than Berlin, which is brutal right now when it comes to the cold.

For those who enjoy this site – don’t give up on us just yet, it might take a while but we’ll be up and running again before you know it.

happy travels,