Seattle is one of my favorite US cities. Somehow whenever I visit, instead of the supposedly constant rain, I always manage to catch the most beautiful weather. Perhaps I am just lucky, but nonetheless I love Seattle on a bright afternoon, maybe even when it has a little mist. I think everyone ought to visit the city of grunge music and one of Meg Ryan’s best-known romantic comedies (need I say it, Sleepless in Seattle). Here’s a vague itinerary of things I tend to do when in town.

Alki Beach

Wake up and take a walk on Alki Beach. Alki is in West Seattle, but definitely worth the drive or bus ride as it’s the only sandy beach in Seattle and you have a great panoramic view of the space needle as well as of the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges.




Pike Place

Go to Pike Place Market. So this is probably the most touristy thing to do in Seattle, but who doesn’t want to buy local honey and see young men slinging fish? The original Starbucks is conveniently located nearby if you wish to stand in a long line.


Ferry ride & Islands

If it’s your first time in Seattle, you might take one of the downtown ferries across the Puget Sound. If you have time, you can visit some of the nearby San Juan Islands.


Vintage Shopping

Thrift shop in Capitol Hill or the Univeristy District.

Coffee Shopping

If you want a coffee, definitely check out Stumptown Coffee in Capitol Hill. Once you’re ready to go out for the night, check out Linda’s for a pitcher of White Frog hefeweizen and Unicorn, a cute and fairly new bar with really interesting décor. I was there for one of its opening parties and I still have the funny rainbow glasses they gave to everyone so that they could have fun watching all the film clips projected on the walls of the bar.

l photo inside Unicorn, courtesy of Peter A., from yelp

Family time

And finally, whenever I am in Seattle I’m sure to spend some time with my family. This year my Aunt made my birthday really special with a pineapple orange cake (seen below)!


Is there anything else you love about Seattle?

post by Jackie Clark