While traveling, I often have trouble finding my perfect fit in terms of partying. I usually enjoy good nights of beer, chats, and maybe the occasional karaoke for a laugh, but inevitably I want to go out dancing.  Herein I encounter problems. It seems like I’m always just missing some amazing underground bruhaha. “Too bad you weren’t here last weekend for _____” or “It’s a shame you’re leaving in Thursday before the _____.” Even when I do my research, I sometimes get foiled anyway when an “awesome electro club” turns out to be a night of one continuous beat and drunken Englishmen licking my forehead. What’s a travelette to do?


In Germany I discovered one genre of partying that I always seem to like. Balkan Parties. At Balkan parties the music played is a genre called Balkan Beats which, you guessed it, is a mixture between spirited Balkan instrumentals and extremely danceable beats (Some samples here and here). DJs hail from all different parts of Europe and travel far to grind out amazing music in warehouses, venues, and clubs. They’re usually cheap to get into, have little to no dress code, and somehow don’t attract floods of drunk guys in silver sparkly crocodile print shoes who try to get up in a girl’s way. Even if you don’t like the music, the crowd is contagious and makes you love being a fool. Dress up, dress down, shake your ass off, flirt with a Serbian DJ, whatever. If you’re scared to go alone, it turns out most couchsurfers love Balkan parties so a quick post to the community for whichever city you happen to be in will probably find you some interesting compatriots.

Keep your eyes peeled for fliers on the street, do a bit of googling, and enjoy your next night of booty shakin’!

post by Jackie Clark

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