Okay, I have to admit. I am addicted. To my phone. My iPhone. So far, one of the most horrible moments of 2012 was when I lost my simcard holder. My whole life flashed before my eyes and for a short moment I thought everything was lost. I didn’t think about telephone numbers or contacts. My heart skipped a beat because of my pictures. But thank God, every single pic was still there and I found out I can use my iPhone even without a simcard, I just can not call or text message people. But hey, who cares about this? Here are some of my favourite pictures from my travels.

My favourite picture ever is this shot of the MS Victoria vessel, the Queen of the Telemark canal, built in 1882. This picture totally captures Norway for me. Romantic, foggy weather and a rich history.

Tübingen is one of my favourite cities in Germany, not only because I’ve studied there, but also…well, click here to get five reasons to go to Tübingen.

The picture of the hot air balloon over La Garrotxa, Spain, in the Spanish Pyrenees was shot from another hot air balloon. On an early morning in September 2011 a childhood dream came true. I glided through the air and the best thing was I had WiFi so I tweeted this pic from up in the air.

I took this picture in the bathtub at the InterContinental Hotel Resort in Berchtesgaden, Germany, where I was in October 2011 for a Geocaching weekend. I think the filter I used gives it a glamourous flair and that was exactly how I felt in this moment.

I was on my way home to Berlin after spending Christmas with my parents in southern Germany. The streets were foggy, I was listening to “Lux Aeterna”, from the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, and I knew there were only about 600 km left. It was just me, my car, Paul, and the open road. Road trip, baby!

I had never been to the desert and I had only about 24 hours. So I decided to get the most out of it and do everything you can do when you only have one day in the desert. I bashed the dunes and fell off a camel. I surfed the dunes and slept underneath the stars. I gave it a go on a 4×4 and raced through the desert at 120 km/hour (which actually felt like jet skiing). And I watched the sunset and got up early to see the sunrise. And this is how it looked…

All these pictures were taken with my iPhone 3GS and edited with camera+ and uploaded on Instagram. If you want to see more of my pictures you can find me on Instagram @justtravelous. Also, be sure to follow @travelettes.

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