Dear Travelettes,

during my recent trip through the United States, me and my buddy Anthony had one very particular destination in mind, which, for different reasons was close to our hearts.

While I had been craving a visit to the Grand Canyon ever since I had named my other blog Glamcanyon, Anthony had a special mission to fulfil and he made me his sidekick. But more on that later.

Driving into the Grand Canyon National Park to then suddenly drive around the corner where the trees end and this sight was reveiled….


…I was overwhelmed with emotion. It’s such an impressive sight that tears shot into my eyes and feelings of gratitude swell up, simply gratitude for being able to see this. On that day. During an amazing road trip through the US of A with my buddy Anthony. However, my being sentimental was quickly replaced by being shit-worried because Anthony thought it would be fun to hop around the edge of the rocks like a young gazelle…


I’m glad to report that no one got hurt or fell off the cliffs.


I kinda hung out like these ladies. You know, the old – standing there and taking in the miracle of nature.


And yes, it was a miracle.

IMG_4425 IMG_4440

But on to Anthony’s mission. Please meet: the elk skull.


The story behind that skull is as follows. 3 years ago, Anthony’s bandmate had given this skull to a mutual friend of theirs who lived in a different city. Days after that friend received the skull he was diagnosed with cancer so the friend’s wife decided to send it back to Anthony’s friend with a note that it should be buried deep in Texas soil. Anthony’s friend (who is also his roommate) gave it to Anthony, who he in turn felt the need to return the skull to where it was originally found – in the Grand Canyon.


Anthony picked out a resting spot underneath a nice tree and started digging.


The thing about burying skulls underneath trees is of course that you are likely to hit some roots which make it difficult to get a nice big hole happening. Consequently, we started collecting rocks and crafted a nice little Grand Canyon grave.


RIP, elk skull. On a sidenote, I’m happy to report that the friend of the friend who developed cancer is on the road to recovery. Quite unlike my only pair of non-heeled shoes….


The Grand Canyon is grand. Have you been?