When your team is scattered all over the planet like the Travelettes are, it’s sometimes a little hard to keep each other in the loop about current projects and life in general. So when I recently started messaging the girls for a life update, I thought why not let you guys take part in it, too. The seven of us are always on the run as you’ll see, but I was particularly inspired by reading about Constanze moving to Portugal next month, about Katja rocking Canada with her son and about Tabea finding her inner peace in the crazy haze of Berlin in spring… Oh, and Kathi will do her first solo long-distance hike in Scotland this summer (can’t wait to read about this, grrrrl!). I loved putting together this little update and am thinking about doing it more frequently. While we’re on it, why not also tell us about upcoming travels, we’d love to get inspired!


I’ve been super busy at uni lately, as I’m in the final year of my PhD and slowly but surely have to think about finishing my thesis. And because writing a book is not enough for me, I also just launched a feminist film festival in my hometown Glasgow. We plan some screenings this year and will have the first full festival next March.

All this means that I’m traveling a lot less than I’d like to, and definitely don’t go very far. But I know how important it is for me though to switch off and get away from work now and then, so I’ve planned a lot of hiking trips in Scotland over the summer. Next week I’m wild camping on the Isle of Bute and in June I’m walking the Speyside Way, also known as whisky trail, with friends from Germany. In July I’m embarking on my biggest adventure to date – two weeks of solo long-distance hiking and wild camping on the Outer Hebrides islands to the west coast of Scotland. I can’t wait! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep in touch!

Photo: Ingrid Mur 
To prepare myself mentally for this trek, I try to find other inspiring stories of women in the outdoors. I love the blog Yes Jane Can by Jane Batchelor who’s walking 3.500 miles across Britain and did the Hebridean Way last year. I also listen to the podcast She Explores to draw inspiration from other women’s stories. I’m actually working on a post about my favourite outdoor women (blogs, podcasts, campaigns, projects etc.), which I’ll soon publish on my blog Watch Me See.


Now me! I’m in a complete overhaul mode at the moment and am doing my best to kick everything out of my life that is more of a burden than a pleasure. That includes clothes, piles of books, expectations and yes, even some people who are not the best influence on my well-being. But overhaul mode also means that my Berlin apartment is an absolute mess (we’re currently building our own bed, whoho!) and so is my schedule for the next few months. I’m not exaclty sure where (literally) I’m headed, but my feet are itching for an adventure. My travel year hasn’t started out so bad, I’ve done a trip to rainy Barcelona in January, had the absolute privilege of exploring Bangkok for the first time in my life (blog post is in the works!), went to Budapest for a real holiday and explored a couple of beautiful places in Germany.

But I have been a little stuck lately with my writing. I’ve been completed projects and done jobs that pay the bills and sometimes they’re great fun too, but there is this ever-growing writer’s block that feels more like a mountain and I’m not quite sure how to get rid of it. Maybe I should just force myself to write a couple of lines a day, just for the sake of it. We’ll see. Maybe the new old flat will bring about some much-needed inspiration and a bit of lightheartedness to just try things out…


I work as a fashion designer in Sweden but spend all my time off to travel. Right now, I’m really excited for the summer to come so I can use my tent again! I’m not planning any long trips this summer since I just got back from a six-month trip and need to have some money-saving-time-in-between-travels, but will do a lot of hiking, tenting and skinny dipping in lakes in Scandinavia which I look forward to.

As for inspiration, I also recently discovered a book called “Stuglandet”, a guide to free cabins all over Sweden which I’m excited to use this summer. The Instagram feeds that inspire me most right now is @thegoodwinway, a family living in a treehouse in Hawaii. It’s the family from my favorite travel documentary: “Given”, where they travel the world with their kids because they think it’s important for kids to travel from a young age. But of course, I also always love @cabinporn since I’m a real sucker for isolated cabins. My dream is to build my own cabin on wheels one day…


I really love being back in my hometown Berlin after being back from a longer trip to Mexico and Central America. I tend to forget how charming our little piece of work of a city can be… But when spring comes around, everyone is collectively waking up from hibernation which is just beautiful. I am working on several projects and photoshoots these days.


As my studio is located in a little garden house in Neukölln I get to be outside a lot. We just revamped our little front yard and it’s beautiful to see everything grow. My next trips are a little getaway to Prague with my sister and a trip to China, I’m very much looking forward to as I’ve never been. Oh, and then I might just hang on out terrace again for a bit and enjoy some vino with friends…


2018 to me is all about redefining the way I work and travel and how to do it all with a four-year old boy. This year has started with us spending more than two months in Bali which has been all that. We are currently on our first city trip through Toronto and Montreal together, meaning we walk around a lot and mix playgrounds for him and coffeeshops for me…

Our next big trip will be Thailand which I always love and can never get enough of. Where else do you get to stay in 5-star hotels at €50 a night? What hasn’t changed is my everlasting quest to live my best life, just the definition thereof tends to change. Right now, I am all about travel that is easy, luxurious and comfortable. My younger self would find that so boring, but I right now enjoy this model to the max and that’s all that matters!


I am currently based in Bangkok and exploring South East Asia from here. My latest trip was to Bali and Raja Ampat where I boarded a liveaboard for an epic week of scuba diving. The ocean is my absolute happy place and seeing a blue-ringed octopus must have been the highlight of my year so far.

Next up is Nepal where I will be attending the Himalayan Travel Mart and explore some of the sights in and around Kathmandu. Afterward, I will spend June in Bangkok – my book is almost translated and that will be the time to edit and design it. While there, I am planning to explore more of the Bangkok food scene – my current Netflix inspiration (I just got the subscription for my birthday from my brother) is No Reservation and Chef’s Table. And what better place to eat than Bangkok?! July will hopefully add two new countries to my list: I am planning a culinary trip to Tokyo with my brother and holidays with my family in the Philippines. Any tips on where to eat in Tokyo and where to dive in the Philippines?



After visiting Portugal last year on a two-month road trip I immediately knew I had to come back. I fell for the rough coast, the sunshine, the fairytale forests and the fresh breeze of kind people. So on June 7th, I’ll buckle my massive backpack, grab my camera and my passport and move to Portugal. A new remote job under my belt means I’ll take life as it comes, search for wifi in beach bars, feast on backyard oranges and finally learn how to surf. Exciting!

So now, with only a month left to plan everything and to find a place to live in Portugal there’s a lot going on. While enjoying the beautiful spring weather, there are short trips planned to Berlin and Copenhagen, a huge personal portrait project that’s evolving in the speed of light and then the whole thing about seeing all my friends and family and saying my good byes (again).

With so much on my plate I draw my inspiration from podcasts (Happy, holy & confident and Talking in circles are my top picks at the moment), coffee breaks and all the good news that are on rotation right now…