It all started with this (unfiltered) view.

Imagine starting your holiday with a Class A lunch in a beautiful, open aired restaurant with this as your backdrop. The coming days were bound to be wonderful.

But let’s go back to the start. 6 years ago, after listening to many people about the beauty and wonders of Mexico I finally booked a ticket and went to see it for myself. 6 good weeks long. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but I didn’t enjoy myself, at least not the way I was hoping to. Maybe it came down to traveling alone that didn’t feel right in this country but I was bound to give it another shot and this time make it right. Plus, I’d not be alone this time. My travel buddy would be none other than my very own son Atlas! Only 2 and already a stellar companion on every journey.

Kids turn any traveling into a whole new ballgame and every child is different so there is no one-size-fits-all rule to this. For me personally, I am happy to not live any great adventures in these first few years of my son’s life. No sightseeing, no diving, no long car journeys and (almost) no nightlife. Instead I love to just focus on an ideal framework for seeing my little man grow, and for spending quality time with him in these formative years.

With this in mind we couldn’t have found a better place than Mayakoba. There is a feeling of escape here which I had previously only experienced in the Maldives, still one of my favorite places in the world. After all it’s no coincidence that the Maldives are Mayakoba’s biggest competitor. This humbling sensation of being at one with and surrounded by the best nature has to offer, gracefully complemented by beautiful decor, delicious food and a special atmosphere is everything I had thus far only known from the Maldives.

What is Mayakoba?

Mayakoba is a resort development, a gorgeous piece of land that was acquired as the base for the areas finest hotels. Banyan Tree, Rosewood, Fairmont and most recently Andaz all opened dependences here. But the place is so much more than stunning design and architecture.

Each resort was built with a strong ecological responsibility (the staff includes biology and geology experts), the resorts were built inside the natural setting that came with the land which is why many of the rooms and restaurants are set alongside waterways, with plenty of green wherever you go. It’s like being in the jungle, except in the most luxurious possible way.

To enable all guests to have the full experience of said nature, all the Mayakoba resorts offer daily boat rides along the premises, connecting all 4 resorts together. If the HUGE heated family pool at Fairmont didn’t do it for us one day we simply hopped on a boat or a buggy to go check out the goods at Rosewood. This is an especially exciting option for all foodies because all resorts offer incredible restaurants at very reasonable prices. Banyan Tree’s Saffron may take the cake for an outstanding dining experience but I also loved my Steak at Fairmont’s La Laguna and Ola Taco at Andaz has the best bread on their breakfast buffet which I have ever had in Mexico. My vote for best lunch definitely goes to Fairmont’s Las Brisas. The view alone was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We lived a magical few days and time escaped us the way it does only when we are having a perfect holiday. Mexico has gone up greatly in my estimation since we got here, but it was the days we spent in Mayakoba that made me promise myself I would be back soon.