The beautiful city of Vienna is about so much more than coffeeshops, old ladies walking their poodles and Schnitzel. Not that you shouldn’t indulge in mouth-watering food while you’re there, but imagine doing that… whilst shopping?!

The Naschmarkt is a traditional institution in Vienna, it’s been around since the 19th century. The name derives from the German word “naschen” which means “to nibble” – and that is precisely what you do here! All vendors hand out free samples to passers-bys, so expect to fill you stomach with falafel, exotic fruit and vegetables, mediterranean specialties, seafood, nuts, candy, baked goods, mezédes and much more.

Now, imagine strolling down the various aisles of the market, 1€-mango lassi in hand, accepting bits of delicious snacks from left and right while the sun is shining, loud music is playing and the vendors themselves are having a ball, kidding around with each other and their customers. Sounds perfect? Almost…

My favourite part of the Naschmarkt is not the free food or the laid-back, cheerful atmosphere, but the large vintage clothing and antique market that extends from the regular stands every Sunday. Contrary to other popular flea markets, you don’t need to look far to find small treasures here. Prices are usually set quite cheap already, but you can always try your luck at haggling on top of that. The only downside is that you need to show up before noon, otherwise some cunning  Viennese fashionista will bag the object of your desire before you can even set eyes on it.

When I visited the Naschmarkt a couple of years ago, I not only managed to take a picture with the Easter bunny himself, I also bought a pair of leopard-print cycling shorts for 1€, which I took home and sewed into a skirt. Half a year later, similar skirts were being sold by high street brands for twenty times that price… So try your luck, you never know what you’ll discover at the Naschmarkt in Vienna!

Opening times are daily from 9am – 7pm (except Sundays and holidays), although some market stalls may be open shorter or longer than this. The adjoining restaurants usually stay open until late at night.