On my recent trip I stumbled across something I had once read about on this same website. Kathrine had written a post about dining with the Hare Krishna, a religion that is friendly, but maybe sometimes hard to understand for outsiders when a group of them is wandering the streets in orange sheets, chanting the same two words for hours.

When staying in Madrid a couple of weeks ago, I realized that my apartment was right across from the Hare Krishna center which offered daily lunch deals for just 5 Euros. A lot of people had told me about it and how good it was that naturally I had to try it out. I had no expectations coming in, but I had a great time there. The all vegetarian food was incredibly delicious, the people were super friendly and considering that the center was packed, I knew the word had spread about this fantastic lunch deal. I even like that you sit on the floor like it is customary in India.


Grab a pillow, find a spot. Unconventional and easy at the same time. Who wants to sit at tables all the time anyway?

Some of the best veggie fare I’ve had in a long time. Even the rice was extraordinary.


Plenty of food for everyone and an all you can eat policy, so don’t be shy and have another plate if you’re still hungry.


After handing the guru (below) a fiver, you get a huge plate with everything on offer and a yummy drink on top of it.

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Homemade bread, rice, salad, a veggie scramble mix, deepfried eggplant and a mouth-watering piece of cake to finish was on the menu that day. The food is different everyday, so it doesn’t get boring.

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If these photos got you interested and you’d like to enjoy a Hare Krishna lunch soon, have a look at the list of cities, which Kathrine wrote down in her post on this topic.

The Hare Krishna Cultural Center in Madrid is located at Calle Espíritu Santo 19 (metro Tribunal)

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