There are girls who go to Paris for a weekend of shopping, others who spend a few days lounging by the beach in Spain. And then there are girls like Klara Harden, who wander off to Iceland to spend 25 days hiking all by herself throughout the lonely and stunning landscapes of the Icelandic highlands.

The young photographer and filmmaker from Austria had financed her trip through crowdfunding via starnext, asking the online community to help her reach the target of the €1250 she needed to go on the trip. Her idea inspired over 66 people to help, enabling the journey and with it a lot of amazing photos and one very special video, the young visual artist made.

In an interview with Nomad Earth, she comments on her feelings about the unique trip:

“I broke all of my personal records and overcame my boundaries. It was the longest, hardest and most adventurous enterprise of my life and I loved every bit of it. Never before was I that tired, happy, exhausted and bored by my own thoughts, never as alone, hungry and alive.”

We can not even begin to imagine what it must feel like to do something so extraordinary, so we simply watch in awe at the incredible courage of this one girl.

And here it is, the actual reason for this post – the 15 minute video Klara Harden made to document her journey. With over 60.000 hits in just 7 days it’s obvious that a lot of people are impressed with what she did. In the documentery, she shows the gorgeous landscapes she came across and shares some of her thoughts on being alone for so long, her fears of being in the wrong place and her joy of seeing things she never thought she’d see. Dear Klara, you’re a true travelette!


*all photos by Klara Harden