Like it or not, for many around the world February is the month of love and appreciation – it’s the month of Valentine’s Day. Old-single-me I am, I never got myself too excited about this day of the year – isn’t it all just an invention by the greeting card industry so they could make money off our social expectations and blind acceptance of yet another ‘festive’ day? And why is nobody giving me a card?

Maybe I’m right, but you know what? This year I will throw the sceptic me over board and embrace in all the love I have to give – for my best friend, for my family, for my yoga teacher, for the barista who makes the yummy artisan latte at the coffee shop, for everyone who makes my life just that little bit better. They will all be my Valentines, and I might even ask someone on a date!

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - My Favourite

However, the typical greeting cards (‘You tick all the boxes’, ‘You are a whole lot of Sexy’ or ‘Forever yours’) might come in a little inappropriate, and also way too stereotypical for a Travelette, so here are a couple of ideas for lovely gifts that I would be happy to give or receive!

PS: All these gifts are also excellent to give to the love of your life (or show them this post so they can give it to you). There’s still time to return the lame, giant gift card in the cupboard and get a present to remember!

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Bath Set

1. A Pampering Bath Set

Why? Because nothing says ‘I love you’ as much as the gift of a relaxing bath.

For Whom? Is any of your loved ones very stressed by their job, their family, their studies, their public bus driver’s driving skills?  Well, then you know who to give this gift set to.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - His and Hers Wine Glasses

2. His and Hers Glasses

Why? Because showing that you belong together is just uber-cute! In all seriousness, those glasses are great fun on the next flat party and serve a purpose for funny selfies (imagine your mom and dad taking a selfie with those!).

For whom? The most obvious choice would be to give this to the guy you live with, like your boyfriend/hubby or your male flatmate who puts up with you in good and bad. No testosterone in your flat? Well, maybe you could give this to your parents, or your siblings who live with their significant other? One gift, two happy recipients.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Thanks You Card

3. A Thank You Card

Why? Because we should all be more grateful for everything we have in life. Instead of simply telling somebody how much they mean to you, tell them that you are thankful for their support, their love and their time.

For whom? This could give this to literally anybody who has ever done something good for you – your best friend who listened to your sobbing after that last breakup, the taxi driver that always takes you home that extra mile even though you don’t have any cash left, or your neighbour who always keeps your mail for you while you’re off traveling.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Accepting Weirdness

4. Acceptance

Why? Because people try to be something or someone they are not way too often. The most beautiful gift one can give is the freedom of being yourself and fully accepting that you are the way you are. For me that means, accepting that I’m weird sometimes, and nobody does that better than my best friend. This bed set would be perfect for her – mainly because she’s also weird like me.

For Whom? That one person who knows you inside out and loves you will all your flaws.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Infinity Bracelet

5. An Infinity Bracelet

Why? How can anybody be sure that anything in life is for eternity? Well, you can’t, but that’s not the point. The point with a bracelet like this is the intention to cherish someone eternally, to stay connected to someone no matter what.

For Whom? While I wouldn’t necessarily give this to my favourite barista of the moment (way too big a commitment) this is the perfect gift for my mum or big sister.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Notebook 2

6. A Notebook

Why? So they can let off steam before speaking to you. Or, so you can tell them all the reasons why you love them. How cheesy awesome is that.

For Whom? Someone you love for many many reasons. Make sure you’re able to fill more than one page…

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Blanket as Love Substitute

7. A Cuddle Substitute

Why? Because you can’t always be there and at the same time travel the world. A good blanket, like this very big stitch Grande Punto blanket, will do the job in your absence.

For Whom? For any one you’re leaving behind – whether for a short time due to a trip, or for long-term because you’re relocating.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Luggage Tags

8. Luggage Tags

Why? Because it’s good to let them know that you’re letting them go and support their dreams of traveling the world. You can also inscribe them with a secret message that only they will understand!

For Whom? For the explorer among your loved ones.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Padlock

9. A Padlock

Why? Forget every critical comment I made about cheesy Valentine’s gifts… a padlock is THE cheesiest of gifts, but also a really nice gesture, even stronger than the infinity bracelet. One can simply open and through out a bracelet, but for a quality padlock you’ll need some serious tools… true eternity!

For Whom? Anyone who you trust can’t operate a bolt cutter (make sure to through out the keys).

PS: Please give the poor bridges of Paris a break and find another, unique spot for your never-to-be-broken padlock. Many of Paris’ bridges are literally collapsing under the weight of thousands of padlocks.

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - Lucky Charms

9. Lucky Charms

Why? Because who doesn’t need a little bit of luck every once in a while? Especially when it comes in the shape of beautiful bracelets!

For Whom? Your mum, your best friend, your sister, your girlfriend – wouldn’t all of them appreciate the gesture of giving them luck?

Lovely Gifts for Travelers - GreenPop Tree 2

10. A GreenPop Tree

Why? Instead of flowers that whither after a few weeks, you can give a tree that will grow stronger year after year, and is a gift to the land it stands on and the people who live off it. Isn’t that a great metaphor for your love?

For Whom? Anyone who you think appreciates the gift of giving.


Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? Or are you a lover or a sceptic like me? What’s the best or the worst gift you have ever received? I’m curious to hear your stories in the comments!

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