When you travel you might want to bring back the stories and impressions you had. A dried flower, food poisoning, a handful of sand, 8GB of photography, a little scar or a complete new point of view on how the world turns are only some of the possibilities you have.

It’s never that easy to capture what a place is and feels like for you. How can you catch the smell of a hot asphalt in a midsummer rain? How do you bring across the flavour of that food you’ve had every day, the feeling of walking through the door onto the street. How do you catch the murmuring sound of hundreds of people walking and talking in a language you only understand two words of? There are many different ways to tell a story, only sometimes it can be hard to find the right words.

For me, every city has got its own special feeling that I get every time I take the first step out onto the street. I still haven’t found the perfect way to capture the dusty air of Lisbons streets that randomly hits you with its smell of Bacelhau, the concrete flavoured London roads sparkled with the whiff of freshly washed and ironed business suits and the sweet-sour smell of the Indian food store. Others already know how to tell their stories. Mark Bramley is one of them.

This time, to share his experience he chose to make a video. And hell yes, he did an incredibly good job.
Mark Bramley, a high quality photographer, who usually takes pictures of shiny cars and airy landscapes spend 2 days in Tokyo and excells at conserving a taste of this huge city in moving pictures. Due to the technical opportunities provided by time-lapse you’ll find yourself speeding through Tokyo on the train, watching the vibrating city by night. Mark Bramley created a portrait that shows you all angles of this mega-city. Take a deep breath and get LOST IN TOKYO

all photos by Mark Bramley.