We’ve all been there. As frequent travelers, it’s not uncommon to fall in love when we’re on the road. We part in sweet sorrow, wondering when we’ll see them again or be in their arms once more. Well, what if there was a way to feel intimately connected to your lover even though you are separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles?

In an ingenious effort to bring long distance lovers closer, Joanna Montgomery invented a cutting-edge device called “Pillow Talk” which allows you to hear your partner’s heart beat even though you’re not physically together.

Pillow Talk
Image Via joannamontgomery.com

Just how does this crazy contraption work? You slip a ring on your finger and go to bed as usual. The moment you put on the ring, it will wirelessly transmit signals to a pillow in your partner’s possession which will begin to glow. If he/she lays their head on the pillow, they’ll be able to hear your heart beat in real-time. In turn, your lover will put on a ring so you can hear his/her heart beat as well.

In that moment, you’ll experience the loving intimacy of hearing each others heart beat even though you are not physically close.

Image Via longdistancelover

Watch this video to see how it works with your own eyes:

When Joanna Montgomery’s innovative concept was featured on Gizmodo, it received enough attention to secure funding to begin working on a prototype. If you’re interested in purchasing Pillow Talk for yourself, keep tabs on the product’s development by liking their Facebook Fan Page.

What do you think … creepy or cool? If you think that Pillow Talk is unbelievable, there’s another device being developed which will let you transmit a kiss over the Internet!

.*post written by Cheryl Howard.