London has a lot of cool shit to offer. Anything from a huge selection of great vintage stores to some of the best club nights in Europe, there are lots of reasons to keep coming back to the English capitol. This precisely is why, after having lived in London for 18 months (before moving to Berlin in may this year) i am still exited to return every time.

This weekend I did return and in retrospect I can’t believe I stayed for just 2 days because that’s virtually nothing if you’re planning on shopping, seeing lots of old friends and partying your heart out. One thing I was very exited about when coming to London was my Sunday 11am appointment with Lee Cook, coiffeur extraordinaire at a salon called Mollie Sudgen’s hairdressing. My good friend Claudia recently went from brown to light blonde hair and I loved her new look so much I decided I had to have the same!

If, like me, you live in a city where people are not too experimental with their hair, chances are you will have a tough time finding a truly talented hairdresser. In Berlin I never saw anyone with the haircolor I wanted so I decided to take matters into hand and get it done in London – the mekka of unique and cool hairstyles. So here I was in Lee’s chair with him bleaching and drying and conditioning and coloring. 5 hours it took to get my new look but it was well worth it.

The Mollie Sudgen Hairdressing Salon is located at 240 Brick Lane and convinces not only by excellent service but also a lovely interior, including blue-haired barbie dolls hanging in the window display, fresh flowers and an arrey of fresh and very yummy cupcakes.

As far as being blonde is concerned – it’s quite a change and I will probably take a few more days to adapt but all in all I think I will want to look this way for a few years to come. Having more fun already!

IMG_4430 IMG_4422 IMG_4410 IMG_4442

my new favorite hairdresser Lee Cook and myself with his creation (=my hair)

Beautiful travels,


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