Every time I’m in Paris I seem to find myself on Pont des Arts (the bridge linking the Left bank to the Louvre museum) for one reason – I’m a horrible romantic!
For the past few years the bridge has been a sort of living museum to love from around the world. Lovers engrave their names on a padlock, attach it to the railings on the bridge, kiss then throw the key into the river Seine below illustrating their eternal love for one-another.

There is a bit of debate over where this strange romantic custom comes from, however most people seem to agree that it’s inspired by a book (Federico Moccia’s novel “I Want You”) as two of the main characters attached an inscribed padlock on Ponte Milvio, Rome, and then threw the key in the river Tiber.

Yet despite the bridge being a bit of an unofficial tourist attraction many Parisian officials consider the padlocks to be an eyesore and large numbers mysteriously disappear on a regular basis in order to clean up the bridge.

So what do you think; is it a beautiful romantic gesture or a vomit-inducing public display of affection?