Vivere per mangiare – live to eat, is a famous Italian saying which is a pretty important, if not the most important, aspect of Italian lifestyle. When I think of Italy I first think of the amazing food and, especially once I had actually visited this gorgeous country, the memory of creamy gelato, flavorful pizza and delicious pasta has forever left its mark on my mind.

During my past 9 days in Italy, I had at least one ice-cream and visited at least one restaurant each day (often 2) to profit from the luscious cuisine the different parts of Italy are offering. I enjoyed Antipasti in Milan, Pizza in Naples, Gelato in Rome, and Cannoli in Palermo. Sort of, anyway. The truth is of course that I had all these things in all 4 cities. I would not let a single day pass without taking full advantage of the offerings of Italian cooking, baking, wine- and coffee-making and will have a hard time going back to eating salad and Bratwurst here in Berlin.

A while ago I introduced a few Italian food blogs to you, written by women who are so inspired by Italian cuisine, that they take photos of every dish, try out new recipes and share their love with the world. While I don’t plan on starting a food blog, I did fall in love with taking pictures of the gorgeous edibles. Who would have thought that a few tomatoes could look this good?

And here they are, food photos from Italy….

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