As a Brit living abroad my European friends & colleagues are often surprised to discover that languages are a huge passion of mine; yes stereotypically us English are not famous for our linguistic ‘flexibility’ preferring (when abroad) to continue speaking English but just LOUDER and S  L  O  W  E  R rather than trying our luck with the local lingo.

I’ve got a couple of current obsessions with leaning either Dutch, Mandarin or Greek (don’t ask me why, there is usually no rationality to my craziness) and when searching the Internet for language schools I came across the most beautiful movies promoting language study abroad.

If anything is going to inspire you to take a jump, make new friends, see the world through different eyes, party and maybe even fall in love hopefully this is it as I really think that making an effort with the locals is the key to discovering the soul to a city.

Finally, if you’re also a language learning freak  you might want to check out these tales,  fellow Travelette Jaclyn has already written about how to practice a foreign language from home, or maybe essential chat-up lines in foreign languages is more your thing!