If you’ve been following travelettes for a while you will know this: we love biking. I just recently wrote about an awesome bike ride through Italy’s beautiful town Assisi and Kathrine has repeatedly mentioned bike excoursions as a fantastic summer activity (for example here and here).

I just got back from sunny Cairns in Queensland, Australia where I spent a whole day cruising along the beach, stopping only to take a photo or to enjoy the setting sun sitting on the concrete wall along the esplanade. I really don’t think that there is any better way of exploring a new city than by bike. The distances you cover in a short time combined with the flexibility of being able to park everywhere anytime simply beats walking, public transportation and cars by a mile.

For a while now I’ve been planning on going on a bike holiday soon – no cars, planes, trains, buses – only biking is allowed. I’m convinced that this could be the best way of traveling there is – except for one tiny concern: hills. Or worse even: mountains! I can just about picture myself whining about sore muscles at the end of each day from cyling up steep roads every other hour. Now it looks like soon I won’t have to worry about this anymore because smart has recently released a fantastic new ebike, perfect for all who love the freedom of cycling and the wind in their hair but don’t want to go through the strain of pedaling up those hills with merely the muscle power of their thighs. The new smart ebike supports you where support is needed without taking over the joy of pedaling all together.

If you’re very eager you could just go out and buy one, or you could have a look at the new I like ebike facebook app where anyone can submit fun photos of bikes along with a quick line on why they like ebike. I plan to get in there myself right away, as I have been making it a habit over the past years to snap bikes in every possible circumstance whenever I go traveling.

With a bit of luck your photo wins the grand prize of a brand spanking new smart ebike to cruise around and impress your friends and neighbors with.

To check out a few favorites among recent submissions and to find out a bit more about this fun competition, check out the post on smart urban stage. To follow updates and photos of the ebike, like them on facebook.

To see the ebike in action, have a look at this video.

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