Gone are the days of tiny and uncomfortable tents. Never bump your head into a load of insects on the inside of your tent roof. No way of not finding your tent because it looks like everyone else’s.

All you have to do is get one of these dreams of a tent (and rob a bank to bring the right cash):

Bubble Tents
This might be the one choice affordable to most people. You can rent these (semi-)seethrough bubble tents on campgrounds all across France. Sleep underneath the starry sky, but choose your camp site wisely. No room for privacy here.


Tree Tents by Luminair
Ok, this might not be the tent for the low budget, but it’s too cool to leave it unmentioned. I smell some heavy DIY action…
The pricey tree tents by Luminair feature a wooden skeleton, canvas walls and rope tethers to hang them into the trees. The spheres come with furniture, stoves and solar systems – depending on your budget. So if you ever have some 10.000£ to spend forget that dream of a car, and get a tree tent instead!

tentluminair1 tentluminair2

The Tentsile
Another cool way to put your tent high up in the trees. This tree tent was designed by British designers and makes you feel like living in a giant hammock.


The Cliffhanger
This portaledge was originally designed for rock climbers to securely spend their nights in the wall. The Travelette in me prefers the romantic way and would like to spend a night hanging from a tree in this cute tent.


This is a post by Kathi Kamleitner.

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