Dear Travelettes,

coming to Austin I only knew two things. One – everyone loves it, and second, great people come from here. Some of my favorite Americans are Austinites including my friend Anthony who I was supposed to meet so we could go on a road trip together through half the US.

When reading up on Austin in travel guides, one thing seems to always shine through – this place is less about what is happening in the city but about the people who live here. The locals are laid-back, easygoing and open to meeting new people visiting or moving here. There is always something going on, it’s enough to get into your car (and you DO need a car in Austin) and go for a drive checking for open-air concerts, free drink parties or other happening events.

Here are a few shots which transport the big easy that is Austin, Texas.

IMG_3874 IMG_4054IMG_3845IMG_3813 IMG_3888 IMG_3894 IMG_3875 IMG_4072 IMG_3884 IMG_3826 IMG_3819 IMG_3915 IMG_3879

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