It’s often very handy to consult our facebook group to see what sort of things you guys like to read about and enjoy. A surprisingly strong response often comes with anything to do with the outdoors – be it mountain-climbing, canoeing or camping, apparently almost everyone has a soft spot for a “back to nature” type holiday.

Yesterday I posted this photo

on our facebook page. Lots of you liked it and a few have asked where this place was. I began to research and what I found was easily worth a whole blogpost.

What looks like a hut for a forest troll is in fact part of an eco-lodge called Kolarbyn, located in Sweden, in the woods, 1 km away from Skärsjön Beach. It does entirely without electricity, running water or any kind of chemicals, providing you with a truly one of a kind experience. Sustainable tourism at its best (and roughest, admittedly). If you wonder what life was like for people before we got most of the amenities that pamper us nowadays, this is the place to go.

Each of the 12 huts is equipped with a fireplace and 2 beds with lamb furs. Sleeping bags are available for rent if you don’t have your own. This is the time to really show what you’re made of, because Kolarbyn will have you chopping your own wood. More so, you’re expected to fetch your own water, pick berries and be mostly self-sufficient. It probably comes as good news that no one expects you to get slaughtering elks. All food is being gathered communally in a storage area and at the end of the day, the romance feel is climaxing at a romantic dinner set-up  at this beautiful indoor setup around the fireplace…

There surely is no shortage of romance, I mean just imagine, hanging out by the bonfire, looking up at this?

The best time to travel here is April to September, when climate is mild and you can enjoy taking the boat out onto the nearby lake, go for a swim, hike around the forest, going horseback riding or venturing out on a beaver or moose safaris. There is even a tour that has you go wolf-spotting!

For those hardcore enthusiasts among you the winter can provide an arrey of great activities such as snowshoeing, ice-fishing  and a number of survival trainings to have you fit and self-sufficient in the wilderness. You’ll never have to be afraid of getting lost in the woods again.

My personal favorite of the available activities all year round is the floating sauna, a little wooden house in the middle on the lake. If you come during winter, you can ice-skate to the sauna, make a hole in the ice before getting all steamed up for a while. Then, when you get out, you “refresh” in the ice water. Sounds crazy? This guy doesn’t think so…

Chopping wood, sleeping on furs, being at one with pure, unspoiled nature – this is more of an adventure than a holiday, something that takes real guys and women to make it through without breaking down (Although it’s fun to imagine Tori Spelling spend a week). Staying here costs €39 per night, per person, more details on prices and booking can be found here.

If you’re short on cash but love the idea of staying here, consider becoming a volunteer at the lodge.

To get here, fly into Stockholm Airport and then get a train or a rental car for the rest of the way. It should not take you more than 2 hours for the rest of the way. More detailed directions are here.