In every country and every city I travel to, I observe how kids are treated by their parents, how they live and how they act. Understanding children is to understand adults, as an adult is nothing else but the product of the way the external world impacts on him as a child growing up. But the idea is not to go too scientific on you (I hold an MSc in developmental psychology) but simply to open your eyes to the different aspects of understanding a foreign culture and how we are raised into being part of a certain society. While photos can only give away so much info on this subject, I do invite you all to not just look at the shots below, but to wonder about the stories behind each child portrayed. What might it be like for them at home? In school? In kindergarten? Indications are everywhere, in their clothes, their hair, the expression in their eyes and their parents. Ask your own questions, find your own answers and discuss. In the comments, if you like.

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All photos are by me.