When traveling, we usually carry some form of technology that requires a bit of care. We carry all sorts of gadgets to help us stay in contact with family at home and friends scattered around the globe. Not to mention we have to carry our beautiful cameras to capture all the worldly scenes we encounter. The thought of hearing that dreaded *CRUNCH* when thumping your bag around can easily be avoided. Sure, you might be the type of girl who likes to bump her backpack onto her back, throw it on top of buses, squish it into trains and chuck it onto boats, but there are some stylish, yet protective, cases that can avoid the expensive breakages.

luscious leather ipad case etsy travelettes

I tend to carry various bags and document folders that I’ve picked up from flea markets to store my gadgets, but proper storage sometimes needs to be invested in to get quality cushioning. However, what usually stops me from parting with my sweet dollars is that not all cases look particularly…nice. As shallow as that may sound, I like practical things that don’t scrimp on attractiveness or scream to the world that I am carrying a laptop or camera when wandering the streets! I like bags and cases that don’t look like your typical tech bag. I want it to be sleek and cool; durable and protective; suiting city breaks and trekking in the Himalayas.

So, bearing in mind our previous top technologies to travel with, here are a few storage pieces that I’ve sourced to safeguard your goodies.

botene travelettes laptop sleeve

Laptop bags:

Us Travelettes are always very keen at supporting independent retailers and hand made products. Of course, the place to find these things is on Etsy! And it is literally a treasure trove of beautiful covers and cases for… well, everything! But I’ve found some rad ones specifically designed for your laptops, whether they be Macs, Toshibas, HP’s – whatever!

Firstly, I have to show you Botene’s beautiful laptop covers. Not only are they made of the softest suede, but they are thickly padded for my Mac.  They look so chic that I can easily use it as a smart folder for meetings at work for when I’m busily earning to get on a plane. Designer and creator, Bijal Hemani, hand picks all her fabrics from various countries around the world, from India to Japan.  The name of her Etsy shop, Botene, derives from the word “love” in an African dialect. Inspired by her travels to Greece, Bijal began creating these soft covers to exude personal style while also being thoughtfully functional.

botene laptop case travelettes

botene laptop case travelettes

Typhan’s cotton sleeves are smart and look top quality. I’ve got my eye on the Harringbone design.  Or go vintage with some cute polka dots and bows with Janyarak. Istanbul Designs  have some awesome designs. Sewn together in a small corner of their home in Istanbul, Turkey, these tapestry covers are perfectly boho in every way. My personal favourite is the paradise parrot laptop sleeve.

travelettes parrot laptop case

iPad & Kindle covers:

It’s all very well to go for some cute designs that are well-padded and cushioned. However, with leather accessories, you’re guaranteed to be investing in a piece of beautiful workmanship that will stand the test of time and age gracefully. The more you use your leather pouch, the more distressed and ‘lived in’ it will appear, and it won’t bother you so much if you accidentally splash the robust material with your Thai Chang beer.

Luscious Leather NYC’s Etsy shop is stuffed full of some seriously gorgeous leather pieces. Designer and creator, Aixa Sobin, began as a street vendor in Soho in New York City back in 1999. As a self-taught leather-worker, she has continued to create hand cut, hand punched and hand stitched leather items, with the ethos, “Just leather, pure and simple” continuously echoing in her work.

luscious leather ipad case etsy travelettes luscious leather ipad case etsy travelettes

A lot of Aixa’s pieces are perfect for carrying important travel documents, but she also tailors many to fit iPad’s, Macbooks, Kindles, you name it! Simple designs, like the iPad envelope, are the perfect tech/gadget protector for your small computer or kindle. Pretty stylish and discreet for when you’re mooching about an internet café or an airport.

She has also made the epically multi-functional espresso leather laptop sleeve which has five internal pockets for iPads, keyboards,  phone, business cards & wallet. It might be a bit risky to shove all your personal belongings in one place, but organization is a virtue! Plus, it can easily double as a weekend leather clutch!

luscious leather ipad case etsy travelettes

eLeather designs also have a huge range of delectable leather covers.  With top quality oiled leather, Mia Sun, makes very affordable and simple cases that I adore. Quality at a great price always wins my heart! Many designs are for iPad Minis, but the iPad/kindle cases are light yet protective. They’d definitely look perfect in the hand of a travelette!

eLeather Designs ipad case travelettes

If leather is a bit too dull for you though, Cloud Tree Studio have some adorable striped vintage cases that are made from high quality natural cotton. Or check out Richworks for some simple and light covers that won’t weigh you down. Made out of nylon with a micro suede lining, it protects and cleans your devices.

cloud tree etsy shop laptop cover travelettes

richworks laptop gadget cases travelettes.jpg

Camera bags:

Ah camera bags. These are usually the bane of my life! I like to have my camera accessible but not bulky and in the way. I usually find camera bags really beefy and cumbersome, plus quite ugly with unnecessary buckles and straps that are sure to get tangled. I’ve struggled so much to find the perfect bag that I (rather naughtily) shove my camera in a beanie hat and then pop it into my handbag – not the safest or cleverest thing to do! After trawling the net for a bag that ticks all my boxes and rings all my bells, I’ve finally found some beauts.

Ona Bags have really subtle and cool camera bags. The Bowery was designed with style and versatility in mind for your camera and lens. It has enough room for you to pop in your wallet, phone and passport (what more does a travelling girl need?), plus it’s padded with closed cell foam and has water-resistant waxed canvas. Ona Bags also have a range of leather camera straps so you don’t have to use the heavily branded straps that come with your DSLR.

ona camera bags travelettes

Leftover Studio create handmade, recycled and repurposed bags for cameras. Modern, functional and well-designed, they utilise pre-loved bags that will ensure you’ll always be carrying something unique, yet durable! The Brit is sheer perfection as it is of timeless design and is real functional. It features thick foam and further layers of fabric and leather to protect your gear. The inner partitions cane be moved and adjusted as per your individual needs and the size of your equipment. When not using it as a camera bag, it makes for a great carry-on bag for your next flight.

leftoverstudio etsy travelettes camera case

Sun Mark Studio and Love Photography Life have sweet faux leather vintage-style bags that will trick anyone into thinking there isn’t a camera in there. They are made in a variety of colours and are compact and small, how I like my luggage!

love photography life travelettes camera bags

However, if you’re a professional photographer with equipment that you would sacrifice your right arm for, then perhaps it might be wise to invest some proper dollar into a quality box. Drop it Modern have sturdy box cases that have all the right internal fastenings to secure every bit of equipment. Not only will everything be completely locked down safe, but no quality has been scrimped on: genuine leather exterior, luxurious corduroy interior and a vintage style lock. Camera heaven.

drop it modern camera bag travelettes

drop it modern camera bag travelettes

I tried to keep it brief, but the choices out there are limitless! Don’t force yourself to go for something drab and dreary when you can be touting swish uber-Travelette swag. Traveling with expensive gear is always a bit of a risk so don’t forget your travel insurance for ultimate peace of mind. A pretty case can keep it safe from bumps, but when a monkey nicks it off your hostel balcony, you’ll be glad for that extra insurance!

What do you keep your delicate gadgets in when you travel?



Sophie Saint was one of the original travelettes, from 2009 – 2017. After fleeing the UK with ink barely dry on her graduation certificate, she traversed the world with a backpack and spent a few years living in Melbourne – one of her favourite cities in the world.

She finally returned to the UK after a few years where she now whiles time away zipping off for European escapes, crocheting and daydreaming of owning her own hostel somewhere hot to live out eternal summers. See what she’s up to over on her blog saintsonaplane.com and instagram: @saintsonaplane