Blue skies, bright colours, dreamy beaches, fresh treats, and also lightning storms, quiet times indoors, even snow from the Southern hemisphere! This is what we’ve been finding on the #dailytravelette feed throughout the first half of the Travelettes Instagram Challenge – July 2014 edition.

It’s always fun to find out how you guys interpret the themes we imagined for every day of the challenge: some of you love to take them literally, others get playful with them, and a few twist and turn them and get stuff out of them that we wouldn’t even have imagined when we created the challenge! We love it when you challenge the rules and make the day theme entirely your own.

We’re pretty impressed with the quality of the photos – there are some absolutely gorgeous shots coming up. Check out days 6 or 10 in particular and you’ll see what I mean! Here is a selection of our favourite shots from days 1 to 16.


Day 1. Through your sunglasses


 @redbohemia, @kathryntallis
@annikaa0308, @petruskavole

Day 2. Golden hour


@lucy_sky_, @travelista_
@pmswish, @countysherriff

Day 3. Reflected


@kathiguacamole, @trackingcarina
@avalookoverhere, @bellalunakitty 

Day 4. Holiday read


 @madsteam, @kikan21
@_camidda_, @petite1224

Day 5. Chillin out


 @sheandhem, @momocerqueira
@katiecleod, @ms.fairy_t

Day 6. Floating away


 @mcmanusc3, @hazeldru
@alphawithani, @prettyposhomg

Day 7. Through the window


@tenpennydreams, @gallivantingtheworld
@bellalunakitty, @noparamosquietos

Day 8. Best thing about the season


 @claudiaaaaha, @gallivantingtheworld
mcmanusc3, @journiapp

Day 9. Postcards


 @katiestrails, @katief
@claudiaaaaha, @lilyalssen

Day 10. Silhouetted


 @kpowley, @mariepfisterer
@beeeyengo, @littlemissrestless

Day 11. Walking barefoot


 @_camidda_, @mnenciu
@thehumant0rch, @nomadbelgian

Day 12. Festival essentials


 @redbohemia, @hijkjones
@lilydoughball, @yumandmore

Day 13. Perfect tunes


@sheandhem, @laurawhispering
@classiestbiatch, @flyawayoneday

Day 14. From the road


 @soundwaveontheroad, @momocerqueira
@tetylux, @petittours

Day 15. Harsh light


 @tenpennydreams, @noparamosquietos
@miss_ri, @louisalim95

Day 16. Flower power


@journiapp, @anninaluzie
@curious_cricket, @reisepaar

Thanks guys for making my Instagram feed much brighter and more fun for these past two weeks. Keep going using the hashtag #dailytravelette, don’t hesitate to get back on it if you dropped it midway, and you’re more than welcome to join in right in the middle if you missed the first half! All info here.

Most of all: enjoy the rest of the summer, and travel as much as you can!

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mariecolinettravelettes Marie Colinet was part of the Travelettes team from 2013 to 2015. Originally from Toulouse, France, two years lived in Australia left her speaking English with an awkward Fraussie accent. In September 2015, Marie is starting the epic 6-month-or-who-knows-how-long road-trip along the Panamerican Highway that she’s been dreaming of since her teenage years — all the way from the U.S. to the very tip of South-America. You can follow her on Instagram @mariecolinet!