I am currently searching for a new flat in Berlin. Other than wooden floors, a balcony and cool bars in the area, an important criteria for me is a short way to my day to day hotspots, such as the Travelettes office, friends’ apartments and my favourite breakfast place. While checking Google maps for those distances from and to the apartments I was looking at, I came across a fun website called Mapnificent. You simply pick a location and the time range suitable to you and the website comes up with a map, highlighting the areas that could be reached via public transport in that given time.

Not only for house-hunting this is a very handy thing. Wonder what sort of stuff is near your hotel or holiday rental? Look it up on Mapnificant and save valuable time. At the moment it is only available for a range of big cities in North America, Europe and Australia, but then again, those tend to be the biggest time suckers anyway.