The village of Murano is the typical choice when looking to island hop in Venice. Situated about 15 minutes from Venice and home to the glass blowing industry, its mini network of canals are dotted with incredible shops, galleries and workshops where you can buy one of a kind pieces of jewelry and art and watch the experts at work. But this isn’t a story about Murano and glass blowing, instead I want share some pictures of its slightly less well known neighbor; Burano.

Before arriving all I’d heard about this sister island was that it was supposed to be quiet and colorful. So having been to Venice a few times before (and often overwhelmed by the sheer number of tourists on the island) I decided to hop on a water bus to check out (what was for me) an unexplored territory on a sunny April afternoon.

45 minutes across the bay later I’d arrived (you can take water bus number 41/42 then LN from Piazza San Marco to get there) and was totally stunned by this tiny island; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite as beautiful or as picturesque as Burano!

My fairly basic photography skills don’t really come close to capturing the beauty and vivid colours of this island but hopefully from them you can get an image for Burano and have the desire to go and see it for yourself someday:

Burano is also famous for its lace and crochet productions; so don’t forget to check out the local artisans if you want to buy a tablecloth or a cardigan that will make even the most talented of Grandmas jealous.


lorna stokes This post was written by Lorna Stokes, part of the travelettes team from 2009 to 2013. Originally from the UK but currently based in Brussels after stints in Canada, Peru, Italy and a job for the French military, she’s always had an unquenchable thirst for exploring new places! She’s still travelling the world with her family so catch up with her adventures on Instagram & Twitter.