As some of you may have noticed I haven’t been as actively writing for Travelettes this past year as I used to be, because I had a baby and that kept me busy. Reeeaaallly busy.
Mind you, it did not keep me from traveling and so my little guy, at 15 months old, has already been to 11 countries and spent half his life abroad in places like Thailand, Portugal or the Maldives. Now that he is a year old it is time for him to start daycare, make friends and begin his life outside of mom’s arms while I get to go back to finding a new normal, a cross between my old life and my new one as a mother.


I am super excited for this next stage as for the first time I will do something that many dream of but not many can actually manage – i will work as a blogger full time. Now what exactly does this mean, you may wonder? The truth is that I have been a professional blogger for a few years already, but I’ve never really made most of my income through my blogs. Instead I worked jobs I got via my exposure on the blog. Things like social media for different companies, or photography gigs for various magazines. There was always some income directly coming in directly from the blog but not enough to live on. This is changing now.

Shortly after I had my son I knew I wanted to explore the full potential held. We have a strong readership, a big social media following and exciting growth prospects for the future. Most importantly we really believe in Travelettes and in the importance of encourageing young women around the world to travel more and differently. I therefore hired Kathi to work on scaling Travelettes full time, to publish rad content but also to establish better business relations with brands who have always been interested in working with us and who we feel make a good fit for us. That was a year ago. Now that I have time to get back into work fully I will be the main person in charge of growing Travelettes into a proper business and hopefully soon we will be able to offer you a lot more than just a 6 or 7 good blogposts a week.


How would you like it if we organized monthly meetups for other travelers like you, in major cities around the world? If we doubled, or even tripled our content output? If we developed our shop, and maybe even started our own series of T-shirts and other branded items? We would love to hear your feedback and input on this.

Why do I want to turn my blog into my full-time job? Because I love it! And who doesn’t like to get paid for something they truly love and enjoy doing each day. To kick-start my new, old career I decided to spend the month of September in New York. I had a couple of meetings lined up with potential investors, I wanted to meet with some of the US-based agencies we work with and I wanted to get a feel for the blogging business in the States. This meant spending a lot of time in coffeeshops working on presentations, on the subway rushing to meetings and of course exploring New York City with my little guy Atlas. My constant friend during that time? The brandnew Asus Zenpad. After the Asus Transformerbook T100 had been my trusty companion during our Thailand trip back in February, this time I was glad to have the new Zenpad with me because it’s light, compact and great at multi-tasking.


Where did it come in handy?

  • Presentations for clients and PR’s
  • games for my son
  • taking photos and videos while exploring New York
  • blogging on the go
  • reading on the subway
  • keeping up with social media around the clock

zenpad8 a

I really enjoy working with the Zenpad 8.0 for its sleek design, its vivid colors and its incredible light weight. 64GB of built-in storage come in handy when you’re looking to store a couple of movies on there for longer journeys or unexpected train delays. Those six hours battery power (when used continuously) are magic and would surely have been enough to carry me through even the longest work/family day. That is if I had not had the magical power case that adds on a whopping 16(!) hours of battery life. All in all a great tool to have, especially considering the great price of €199, easily beating the competiton who might be able to rival the features but not the cost.

It may take a village to raise a child but it takes a great tablet to raise a business. Well sort of.

What project are you currently working on? Tell us in the comments for a chance to win a brandnew Asus Zenpad 8.0 for yourself!

*This post was crated in collaboration with ASUS.