Cooking  is something I don’t spend a lot of time on. Usually I cook the things I know, rarely try something new but if I find something I enjoy, I eat it 5 times a week. Exactly what happened with this recipe of a Mexican Salad I want to introduce to you today.

Mexican food is something I always picture in combination with red beans. Since I hate red beans I never really looked deeply into mexican recipes. However, when I recently came across this recipe (which is not just a salad but a whole meal) it totally changed my mind about Mexican and has quickly become one of my favorite dishes.


And here’s what goes into your salad (2 people):

lamb’s lettuce (1 box)

tomatoes (4)

small red onions (4) // 2 grilled – 2 normal

peppers (2) // 1 grilled – 1 normal (I added a little sauce to the grilled one to give it some taste. almost every sauce or pesto can be used)

Avocados (1-2)

Pomegranate (1)

fresh parsley

dried, spiced tomatoes in oil (you get them in glasses in almost every supermarket)

pine nuts (300g)

goat cheese (i like to put it on top, but you can leave it out all together if you prefer)

fried minced meat (250g)

For the dressing, I use yoghurt or oil&herbs. You can basically add everything you like and leave everything away that’s not your taste. This is just my version.  I hope you enjoy.