Summer is slowly slipping away, ladies, and if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to seize the last of the sun, then look no further than a road trip. Nothing quite beats loading up your car with everything you need for a week or so, planning your journey, getting lost, camping en route and stopping off at random spots along the way. With the sun flooding your windscreen, the music cranked and the windows down; you can cling onto that free summer feeling.

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Whether you’re road-tripping in Jordan or zipping around Sweden, driving Portugal’s Alentejo Coast or traversing Australia’s east coast, we’ve got a wealth of road-trip inspo for you. But if you need a bit more convincing to jump in your car and put pedal to the metal, have a little peek at these amazing Instagrammers who will inspire you to get away ASAP.

Time to grab your toothbrush, a good book or three, a sleeping bag and some marshmallows for the camp fire – time for a trip to remember!

10 Instagrammers that will make you road-trip this summer

1. Where’s my office now

Follow Emily and Corey’s life on the road, with their adorable pup, Penny Rose. They have chosen to live a nomadic life on the road in their trusty vans to not just survive, but to sur-thrive (see what they did there?). With nature in their hearts, they live in the van to follow, learn and grow from their passion of movement in nature. With a van packed with kits to take them on adventures in the surf, mountains, cooking, dancing and story-telling, they enjoy their mindful journeys and take each day as it comes…

Follow their blog, Where’s my office now, which tracks their experiment of van life and working remotely.

2. Hipcamp

Hipcamp is a fantastic website where you can discover and book your next camping trip in the US. With over 280,000 campsites listed, take your pick of public parks to private lands and get educated on how to camp across the country. If you’re not convinced that camping and hitting the road is for you, take a browse through their Instagram and get inspired.

From enjoying your morning cup of joe on a mountain overlooking endless peaks, to parking up in exquisite desert, you’ll soon be yearning to get behind the wheel of your car after browsing these snaps.

A photo posted by Hipcamp (@hipcamp) on

A photo posted by Hipcamp (@hipcamp) on

A photo posted by Hipcamp (@hipcamp) on

3. The bus and us

On the road for 1.5 years and counting, The Bus and Us have done up their VW van and are driving south. They fulfilled their aim of getting from Alaska to Argentina, and are now cruising the US and Canada. From finding hauntingly beautiful shipwrecks in the middle of forests to hidden coves by old Spanish forts, they never know what they’ll find and are constantly in awe of the landscapes they’re trundling through.

4. Misadventure theory

Exploring North America in their custom camper van, their goal is to inspire a bit of misadventure into lives – ‘everyone needs a little help getting lost at first and we are plenty qualified in that category’. The Misadventure Theory blog has a few tips and tricks on how to do van life, but scroll through their Instagram to get the lowdown on how they’re doing it. Looks like one heck of a trip…

5. Bus around the world (busemprzezswiat)

Polish nomads, Karol and Aleksandra, are travelling the world in their trusty van on only $8 a day. With over 50 countries, 150,000km and 5 continents under their belt (or should I say wheels), they’ve been going for 6 years – much respect! Their van hasn’t been the smoothest ride with over 50 car failures so far, but they don’t let pesky mechanical issues stop them.

With a few books churned out over the years, these people definitely are the experts on budget van travel. Explore Bus around the World for their stories and thoughts on making life on the road happen.

6. Together we roam

Jenelle and Parker are on the road together, roaming the world in their cosy camper with their adorable dog, Emma Mae. Cycling epic Alaskan hills, walking mountains, meeting new friends, wandering empty beaches – they document it all and cherish every day: “We kept sharing stories about our experiences with that flash in the pan kind of togetherness you experience in a new setting that takes you by surprise and resonates through everything you are.”

7. Roadtrippers

This account is a lovely anthology and homage to the great road trips of the world. I believe that they have an app which is supposed to help you plan an epic trip (it wasn’t working for me!), but on their Instagram they collate some awe-inspiring shots for those with a penchant for wandering. Seeing such a wide variety of people living life on the road, makes you wonder if anyone actually lives in houses anymore… they are so overrated anyway. Give us a bed with the dawn as our alarm clock and the road as our compass any day.

A photo posted by Roadtrippers (@roadtrippers) on

A photo posted by Roadtrippers (@roadtrippers) on

A photo posted by Roadtrippers (@roadtrippers) on

8. The mackenzie life

Mackenzie Duncan is living the life. Self-diagnosed as a van dweller, star gazer, and wave finder, he travels the land with a hugely successful photography career supporting him. His van life ebbs nicely into his work life as he often has to take-off into nature for photo shoots and location scouting – adventurous photographer? Yep, it means he has a stunning Instagram account….

Have a look at his work here.

10. The wanderlings

Alita and Colby have actually just finished their trip and are shipping their truck home to Texas in a huge steel box. It’s the end of an era but after three years on the road, they are beyond thankful for the experience. Now’s the time to look through their epic adventures and be on the watch for more photos coming from them – with such a huge backlog of images from years of van life, they’ll keep posting until they’re out.

10. Idle theory bus

These two are a road power couple; Rachel writes, James clicks the shutter and adventures ensue in their van called Sunshine. Currently working on their new novel, they have been living the road trip life since 2007 in their little orange bus which brings them joy every day. I really relate to their purpose as they are in the search to find the meaning of purpose of both work and leisure - they left to escape a modern lifestyle which seemed, to them, destructive and unfulfilling.

Follow their new road, pre-order their book and get on board with their outlooks: “These last three years have been a journey of learning, hundreds of lessons in the art of living well. The less you need, and the fewer expectations you have, the more fulfilled and joyful you are.

Have you been inspired to head out on a road trip? Hell, are you tempted to pack a truck and not come back? I know I am – hit the road without a backward glance and see where life takes you.

Share your favourite road trips below – when did you last fall in love with van life?




Sophie Saint was one of the original travelettes, from 2009 – 2017. After fleeing the UK with ink barely dry on her graduation certificate, she traversed the world with a backpack and spent a few years living in Melbourne – one of her favourite cities in the world.

She finally returned to the UK after a few years where she now whiles time away zipping off for European escapes, crocheting and daydreaming of owning her own hostel somewhere hot to live out eternal summers. See what she’s up to over on her blog and instagram: @saintsonaplane