Italy, oh picture-perfect Italy. The dream of many travelers and the place where even more have left their hearts already. Whether it is the food, the architecture, the natural landscape, the history, the gelato, the fashion or the Italian accent – we are all in love with Italy!

We want to make sure you get enough of Italy in your Instagram feed, to find inspiration for future trips and give your dreams of the boots of Europe wings. Here are 10 instagrammers who make you want to go to Italy – prepare to pack your bags and book a flight!

Time for la dolce vita! These ten female instagrammers will make you want to pack your bags and go to Italy immediately!

1) @itsoriana_

Oriana is an Asian girl born and raised in Italy. She calls Bologna her home and shows that there is more to Italian city trips than Venice, Rome and Milan.

Her feed is filled with beautiful amber-coloured images of the red and orange city. She has a thing for snapping bicyclists and couples or groups of people enjoying la dolce vita in her home town!

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2) eminchilli

Elizabeth Minchilli is an absolute foodie expert and shares everything about great food tours in Italy, Italian recipes and food guides on her website. Her instagram is filled with beautiful shots from all over Italy, and of course mouthwatering Italian food that makes you want to bite your phone.

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3) @notmynonni

I’m not sure who actually runs @notmynonni but I thought I’d throw it in here regardless. It is exactly the kind of account you need to follow for your daily fix of an Italian grandmas and grandpas. Just imagine they’re yours!

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4) @cucinadigitale

Nicolee Drake is an American photographer based in Rome from where she shares her best shots a la A Roman Holiday. Of course she travels around other parts of Italy and will deliver inspiration for beautiful places around the country!

Her rooftop shots in particular are an absolute delight for your timeline!

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Peekaboo #findyourfiat #romanity

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The Grand Canal

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5) @emikodavies

Emiko Davies is an Australian food writer who bases herself in Florence – most likely my personal favourite Italian city ever since I first visited as a teenager.

Not only does she share fantastic authentic Italian recipes and beautiful images of their results, but inspiring snapshots of the city, awesome food spots and gorgeous interior. Her daughter is always by her side!

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6) @alessia_b71

It isn’t all Italy on Alessia’s instagram feed, but as a moderator for @IG_Italy you can imagine that she loves to share images from her home country!

I particularly love the density of mountain shots from the alpine regions in northern Italy. The region of South Tyrol is an area of Italy that many people ignore on their itineraries! I wonder why?

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7) @girlinflorence

Georgette Jupe is an American travel blogger who lives in Florence with her French husband Nico. She works for ITALY Magazine and always has the latest scoop about Italy’s best kept secrets!

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8) @labettarossa

Elisabetta shares photos from her home town Venice – do you need to hear more?

She is one half of the team behind @igersveneto, so make sure to tag your photos with #igersveneto whenever you’re there next!

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9) sara_

Sara White is a Canadian lucky enough to call Rome her home. She only writes about her favourite places in Italy occasionally, but luckily for us she shares awe-inspiring images from Rome on an almost daily basis. Not enough if you ask me! Her specialty is to combine architecture with beautiful plants and flowers in one photo!

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The Easter weekend in Rome was warm and sunny, the kind of weather that pulls me outside and makes me want to spend ages walking around and soaking up the sun. We started off the day yesterday with a traditional Easter breakfast involving a particular kind of "pizza" (that looks nothing like the kind of pizza you're probably envisioning, and more like a tall loaf of bread) full of bits of salumi and cheese, a plate full of corallina (a kind of salumi) and hard-boiled eggs, and of course copious amounts of chocolate – because you can't say no to chocolate when it's part of a tradition, right? And when the day starts off with so much food, a long walk through several neighbourhoods is really the only way to spend the afternoon!

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10) @ciaoamalfi

Laura Thayer is an expert in all things Amalfi Coast. Who doesn’t dream of a road trip to the dreamy towns of Positano, Amalfi or Ravello?

Her blog is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for practical advice and inspiration for the region, and her instagram is a colourful mosaic of photos that truly do the area justice!

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Do you know of an Italian instagrammer we missed on our list? Share your favourite instagrammers from Italy in the comments!

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