While most of my personal bucket list countries lie in the far north of the northern hemisphere, there is one place in the south, that is constantly on my mind: Chile.

There is something so mysterious about this country that stretches for thousands of miles from the dry desert of the Atacama to the fjords and glaciers of southern Patagonia. It is over 10 times longer than it is wide, and has over 6,000km of coast line on the Pacific Ocean. In the east the country is cut off by the high mountains of the Andes. All this makes for an incredibly diverse country, one that is very hard to visit in its entirety on just one trip.

Until I get the opportunity to take up the challenge, I love dreaming up my perfect trip to Chile with the help of my good old friend, Instagram.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Chile adventure – whether you’re planning it already or not – you will absolutely love these 5 Instagram accounts that make you fall in love with Chile immediately!



1) @patagoniadreaming

If you dream of road tripping through Patagonia, hiking to the Torres del Paine, walk across a glacier or spot some penguins in Tierra del Fuego, then @patagoniadreaming gives you all the inspiration you need!

The Danish/Chilean couple behind this account also runs a blog of the same name and has moved to Puerto Natales. Nana works in marketing, while Victor is a certified mountain guide, and together they put together informative guides and packing lists, share hidden gems and regularly post awe-inspiring photographs of their new home.



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2) @josefinapolanco

Josefina does not just design beautiful jewelry from South American gem stones – she also shares gorgeous photos of her life in Patagonia on her Instagram account @josefinapolanco.

What I love about her photography is that it doesn’t only capture the natural beauty of Chile’s far south, but also the way of life of a young creative based there. You can sense the strong connection between Josefina’s surroundings and her art, be it photography or design. And I don’t even speak Spanish well enough to read her captions!

Whenever she travels, her camera is with her, and so she also shares inspiring photographs from the rest of Chile!




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3) @eljuancri

Juan Cristóbal Lara is a photographer from Chile who shares pictures from across his home country at @eljuancri.

The first thing you will notice about Juan’s photography is that he is infatuated with sunsets and night skies – who isn’t really? But I don’t think many photographers can capture the colors of the evening sky or the chaos of the twinkling stars with such a powerful eye.

The second reason why I fell in love with Juan’s account is that he shows the beauty of his home town Santiago de Chile. I think in a lot of ways, cities are not often highlighted as the must-sees of Chile, rather it is the natural beauty that draws visitors in. As you can see from Juan’s photos though, the Chilean capital really doesn’t have to hide behind the high peaks of the Andes and is a fascinating place to visit in itself!




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4) @parquesnacionales

There are 36 national parks in Chile, ranging from the high peaks in the Andes mountains to the extreme environments of the Atacama desert or Patagonian glaciers. On the account @parquesnacionales, you can stay up to date with what is happening in the parks, but also just check in for some inspiration for your itinerary.

Like so many accounts of this kind, you also have the opportunity to be featured with your holiday shots – but you better step up your photography game if you want your pics to rank among these gorgeous photographs! This is also a great account for finding more Chilean or travel accounts for even more inspiration.




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5) @victorlimaphoto

Victor Lima is an award-winning travel and landscape photographer who has had his work featured on the covers of the likes of National Geographic. You can find his photographs at @victorlimaphoto.

Victor shares photos from all over South America, especially from Brazil, where he is originally from. In Chile he mostly features the bizarre rock formations of the Patagonian mountains as well as the vast emptiness of the Atacama desert. He does not only work as a photographer, but also runs photo workshops and tours, one of which brings you to the Atacama Desert for 8 days.


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Are you feeling inspired to go to Chile yet?