When Travelettes first started out, the only blog we could really look up to as far as girl travel was concerned was the Lost Girls blog. Since then, the Lost Girls have come a long way since their blog is now a fancy online magazine with many new contributors.


The original blog authors are Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner, who at age 28, with solid careers in the media industry, suddenly decided to ditch jobs, boyfriends and apartments to hit the road and travel around the world for a year. To document their travels they launched a blog which soon found lots of followers and inspired many others, especially women, to go and live the dream of the open road.


What makes these ladies so special is not that they started backpacking when most women worry about their jobs or having a husband and kids. What sets them apart is that they went out looking to share their story and inspire others. The Lost Girls are smart minds who, in just a few years, managed to turn traveling into a profession, get a book deal, sell the film rights to their book and record a song. When they quit their jobs they were worried if they had made the right decision. Turns out they did.

Their story is a great example of how traveling introduces you to new interests and opens windows of opportunity to those who look for them. For those who would like to know more about them, we recomment reading their interview with Nomadic Matt or getting a copy of their newly released book where they tell their story going in depth of the feelings, doubts and anxieties they’ve encountered while traveling.