I came across Margaret Moth while looking for outstanding photojournalists. Unfortunately the news of her existance came to me accompanied with the news of her recent death in March 2010. As I was very touched by this woman’s story, I want to share it with those among you who might be unfamiliar with her.


“Life is like tennis. You have no choice over how that ball comes to you. It’s how you hit it back that counts.” Those are Margeret’s words in an interview she gave in 2009.

The CNN camerawoman was remarkable in many ways. Born in 1951 and originating from New Zealand, she was Australia’s and New Zealand’s first camerawoman ever. She later moved to the United States and began working for CNN in 1990. Often covering warzone news, she was notorious for her outstanding fearlessness, her charisma and her love for the job. When other cameramen were hiding behind cars from gunshots, Moth would at times stand in the line of fire, just to get good images.

When in 1992 she got shot in the face on an assignment in the Sarajewo Warzone her life was hanging by a thread and half of her jaw was completely destroyed and needed to be reconstructed. After 2 years of extensive surgery Moth was back on the job. Back in Sarajevo. When she fell ill with cancer at the age of 57 she was OK with it, saying that she had got everything out of life and without regrets was ready to face death.

CNN made a documentary about her which you can see here below in 3 parts.