You might have heard in the news about Jessica Watson, a girl from Australia who at the age of 16 embarked on a trip of a lifetime and sailed around the globe in 210 days. Inspired by and following the footsteps of Jesse Martin, who himself was only 18 when he completed his journey, she sailed around the earth without stopping anywhere and without getting any assistance setting out to be the youngest person to have ever done so. An incredible achievement most of us could not even imagine doing.


“I don’t consider myself a hero, I’m just a normal girl who believed in her dream.”, Jessica said upon her return at Sydney Harbour on May 15th of this year, a truly modest statement, considering that her dream of circumnavigation entailed more life-threatening risks than most of us will come across in a lifetime.

Jessica, who grew up as one of 4 siblings took sailing lessons as a child and spent 5 years of her life living on a 16m cabin cruiser where her parents home-schooled her via long distance learning. She started planning when she was only 12 years old and eventually departed on October 18th 2009.

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Jessica Watson is a role model to all of us for showing that a girl, even at the tender age of 16 can be this brave. So maybe next time you don’t think can do something, just think of little Miss Watson and your obstacle might just appear a little bit smaller.

To read more about Jessica Watson check out her website or her Wikipedia entry. Jessica also has a blog and twitter.