Dreamboat boat. At the canals of Venice in LA. Would not mind living here.

Ever since my 14-year old self fell in love with this song song I could totally see myself with long, sandy hair, casually holding on to a surfboard somewhere on Venice Beach. I’m a bit older (and maybe wiser) now and I’m still not very good at surfing (yet), but California has remained a place of longing. There is just something special about the West Coast vibe, and it comes as no surprise that I share this dream with many many others. Eventually, finally going just made it worse – this place steals hearts like nobody’s business, even if you aren’t a wannabe surfer girl. Recently I’ve been lucky enough to travel to San Francisco, Los Angeles and a little of their surroundings, and apart from some hand-on tips (that I’ll share with you later) here is a wild mix of colorful photos to get you dreaming away to this special place, from wherever you may be right now. And of course California is about much more than just the big cities and the coast; but I never said this was not to be continued…

     Long strolls and scenic views at Malibu beach.

     In the South of San Franisco.

     The prettiest Airbnb in Los Angeles. Owned by a setdesigner. Of course.

     Blue Hour at Venice Beach. Love the contrasts.

     Californian flower power. So much beauty everywhere.

     On the shore of San Francisco.

    How to make new friends in California.

     Riding the street car at Union Square in San Francisco.

    One world at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

     Can’t get enough of this light and those views. San Francisco, Buena Vista Park.

    Taking the ferry back to San Francisco from Sausalitos.

     Admiring the pacific.

     Wish I could take all those babies home from LA.

     Los Angeles being all dramatic.

     Snacking fresh cherries at Malibu beach. Such good produce here!

     San Franciscos midday gloom at the harbour.

     Biking in San Francisco is so much fun!

     Flamingo friends at the dreamy canals of Venice in LA.

     Prom night in Berkeley.

     Morning strolls through China town in San Francisco.

     All the shades of blue in San Francisco.

See you again soon, you colourful beauty!

Thank You to Finnair airlines and Visit California for the smooth flight from Helsinki to San Francisco, for inviting me to San Francisco and for the good times!

All photos © Tabea Mathern