There are a ton of reasons why I love my job but one of them involves testing the latest gadgets, typically while traveling to some of the world’s most incredible destinations. While I am not exactly a techie I do love all the great inventions the 21st century has bestowed upon us, because frankly my job and current lifestyle would simply not be possible if it wasn’t for the use of computers, smartphones and tablets. Needless to say I like to keep a close watch on new stuff hitting the market to stay on top of the best electronics out there.

On my most recent trip to Costa Navarino in Greece I decided to travel hand luggage only, because that’s just how I like to roll, when going on 3-day trips. Still, this is challenging, considering I had to pack for 2 people (naturally my 2-year old came along!). I knew I would have to do some work but opted to leave my heavy laptop at home and just bring the brand new Huawei Mediapad M2 10.0 instead, which I had been invited to test-drive. I do always travel with (at least!) a tablet and a smartphone so I can be at my most flexible with when and where I get work done, but also to have a place where my son can watch cartoons and play games, for me to take photos with and upload them directly, to write emails and skype with family and business contacts.

huawei tablet

As I usually would, I mentally prepared for spending a good couple of hours understanding the new Huawei software and figuring out how it all works. To my great surprise, however, the  use of the MediaPad M2 came to me so naturally I didn’t touch the manual once! Huge bonus, in my book.

My absolute favorite bit about this tablet is a novelty among tablets: the M-pen. A stylus which allows users to write on the tablet like on paper. All you have to do is hit the bamboo icon on the tablet, select color and style you want to write or draw with and off you go. This is kind of a dream come true for bloggers who want to style their posts to the max and make it appear like a host of creatives was behind it. I’m also planning it to use it to personalize photos for Instagram and Facebook, create inspirational quotes for beautiful prints and to give my blog a more personal touch.

huawei tablet

Beautiful handwriting on pictures had only been a dream of mine which I thought was exclusive to skilled graphic designers but now I was given a super easy tool to DIY it all. I can’t rave enough about it, this has a wonderful addition to my work life. If you suddenly see my future blogposts all decked out and fancy with titles on pictures, you will know why.

There is one other unique feature about the MediaPad M2 which makes me love this tablet more than any other I’ve used before – its “sound system“. Is it just me, or do most tablets have very bad sound? Not to name any names here but I have found it quite hard to really enjoy a movie on my other tablets, especially when outside somewhere, without the use of my headphones. The MediaPad M2 boasts not one, or 2 but 4 speakers creating an impressive 180-degree sound field that impresses with a vibrant sound experience. It virtually is music to my ears. Aaahhh. Another good selling point for fans of light packing, like myself: speakers can stay at home with this one.

huawei tablet

I loved how light and stylish it was with its mettalic unibodyand because the quality of the 13MP camera was so impressive I even opted to leave my smartphone in the room and simply carry the MediaPad M2 in my clutch when leaving the room to have dinner. After all, it was thin enough to fit it beautifully.

I’m a little (ok very) sad I have to return this wonderful tool, but I know that my next tablet will have a stylus. After a quick google I was unable to find another tablet that could actually rival this one in functionality, ease of use or price. Add in the supercool Bluetooth keyboard and you have a perfect travel companion, especially if you like keeping things light. By the way, if you’re a fan of the “all inclusive” package, definately also check out the new Matebook, a pretty amazing all in one alternative.


*This blogpost was created in friendly cooperation with Huawei