After an eventful and fun weekend at Rock am Ring, I was very excited to follow an invitation by Beck’s Music Experience to tag along to another festival favorite of mine – Hurricane. This time there were no hotels, no fancy buffet or cocktails – this time was pure festival goodness: beers, chips and sleeping inside a nightliner. Having given up on all plans to become a rockstar when I was 18 and with them, the hope to one day be touring inside a proper tourbus, I was most excited to stay in one for 3 whole days.

Better still, the bus came with a crowd of cool and easygoing folks who all had one thing in common: the plan to make this the best weekend of their lives. How could you not fall in love with these cuties who come to a festival with massive pink bags and 15 sets of clothing?

Or sweethearts who paint golden glitter on their and your face to mark the crew?

While the world outside our window had to spend the stormy days in small tents

…we got hang out rockstar-style with all the Beck’s we could drink….

If the camping sight looked a bit abandones at times…..

…the actual festival area was very much alive.

If someone had had to draw an emotional curve of the weekend it would have been a very interesting one.  Especially day 1 was all about massive exitement for the days and bands to come. People were running around, laughing, dancing, kissing…..

It was a sight for sore eyes and I’m pretty sure we all felt that same happy feeling.

My personal highlights at this festival were definately in the music. I’ve been a Bright Eyes fan for a long time, so naturally I fought my way into the second row, regardless of some unamused bystanders. And boy did they deliver. Very recommended, girls. A bit more of a surprise was Lykke Li who delivered an awesome show with great singing, lots of sexy dancing and great energy.

Other favorites included Incubus (sigh), Selig and Chase & Status. I wanted to see the Foo Fighters and the Kills as well, but with the crap weather we had on Sunday all I really wanted was to go home. And so I did. With a bag full of good memories.

Here below is my favorite photo of the entire festival. These boys were lying on the ground surrounded by everyone else watching the Portishead concert. I like Portishead, but their gloomy music can get you down, even at a festival. These boys seemed to really feel it which I liked. I think that’s exactly the point of festivals – feeling things. If you’ve ever been at one, you’ll know what I mean.

On day 3, things turned somewhat. With the rain came the long faces, the plastic wraps and the mud.That was the day when I decided that I was ready to go home, even if that meant missing out on the Foo Fighters, the Hives and the Kills. It’ll be for some other, sunnier time then.

Oh yes, I made a video again. Enjoy!

Hope to see you soon at a festival near you.

Happy travels,