I have this thing. Whenever I go on a long trip, I usually take my backpack and give myself the option of purchasing a cute carry on, should i (expectedly) end up buying too much stuff on the road. You might think – wait, does this mean she has a closet full of carry-ons? The answer is: yes. I have 4, which is likely above national average. When packing together my stuff on the last day of my Mexico trip, last week, I knew pretty much right away that bringing everything I bought would be impossible unless I purchased a new addition to my luggage family. Delighted with the necessity of “having to go shopping”, I embarked into the biggest shopping plaza I could find and headed straight for the suitcase section. “I want one that’s unusual, affordable and allowed on Ryanair and Easyjet flights (they have special size restrictions).” That’s what I told the sales attendant whose initial blank stare for which felt like a good 2 minutes, let me know that I might have a hard time finding something that matches all those elements. After 20 minutes and with the help of every single employee in that suitcase shop, I finally agreed to buy one that was practical (i know, so boring) and, yawn, black. But when the options are yellow and bright pink, black suddenly seems like a good idea.

With easter holidays and the summer coming up, chances are you’re looking for a new trolley yourself, so I thought I’d share a link our friends over at STA Travel have recently posted on their Twitter. Apparently the chain-store Tchibo is currently selling a not unimpressive array of suitcases, with our favorite being this Retro-inspired Lufthansa set of bags and suitcases priced at 20 to 80€.

Another favorite of mine is this topshop trolley in black and brown. I just wish the leather detail here wasn’t fake. Still a reasonably priced option at about 78€.

My closet is full of black suitcases and all i really want is a bit of friendly color on my luggage. If only I had found this juicy-looking option designed by none other than Miss Jessica Simpson costing a fantastic 70€. This one has a lovely inside-lining as well!

Finding a carry-on bag right for you is very difficult as design options are limited (often to monotonous uni-colors) and almost never matching your individual desires, let alone style!

If we’ve overlooked a place to buy great suitcases with cute prints and interesting colors, let us know, so we can spread the word about it!

Happy travels,