I have fond memories of my time spent in Charleston, South Carolina – it was only befitting that I return there to plan my friend Lindsey’s Bachelorette party. My college friends and I have a very special bond, and even though we live in different parts of the world, Charleston is a place that can always bring us together. But this happened to be the first time since graduation when all of us were in the same place at the same time.

Luckily there is no shortage of diversion in Charleston. It’s got tons of places to party in, but it also has some of the most beautiful and inspiring buildings, serene waterfront parks, and nicest people around.

CharlestonBachelorette_GroupShot_KLapelosova OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We decided to bring the fun-factor up a notch by choosing a theme: the 90s. Everyone did an awesome job of dressing in clothes from the movie Clueless and Spice World and partying like it was 1999. Lindsey had a blast and it was clear from the other people we encountered along the way that our theme was definitely the way to go.

Where to stay


Charleston has tons of options as far as accommodations go, but for a Bachelorette party, you will want to do it up probably. East Bay Street has some of the more swanky hotels, including the Vendue Inn, which has an amazing rooftop bar and a cool, recently added art gallery in the lobby.


Also around Market Street, you’ll find that the Belmond Charleston Place, the Market Pavillon Hotel, and The Mills House, provide a little bit of southern glamour that any Bachelorette party will enjoy. Zero George Street is also a chic option, I love their interior design elements. They are located far from the bars and restaurants though, so if you are looking to party hard, plan well about how you’ll get around.

Around Upper King, the Francis Marion Hotel is a traditional standby, but if you’re fun and adventurous, check out the Charleston NotSo Hostel. It’s the only hostel in town but it has an annex on Coming Street that has some nice private rooms. Of course, you are welcome to do it up dorm-style at their original location as well!

Transportation/getting around

limo 3

Ensuring that your party is behaving responsibly is of the utmost importance. Charleston does not have a very good public transportation system, and besides, you’ll want to enjoy yourself with some tasty drinks before you get Downtown.

Charleston is very walkable, depending on where you want to party. You can stick around the old standbys along East Bay, Meeting and Market Streets, and walking around Upper King Street hosts some of the newer, trendier cocktail bars and eateries. These areas are not close by however, so arranging transportation is a must.


Cabs are available and are fairly inexpensive, especially when traveling in a group. Uber has also hit Charleston and offers slightly nicer options. There are a few limo and party bus companies as well, which are definitely fun and exciting to experience. Book early, especially for Friday and Saturday nights.

We did it up with a limo bus. It was definitely worth it!

Restaurants for big groups

If you have more than 6 people partying, I recommend making a group reservation. Charleston is a tourist town and some restaurants have up to a 2-hour wait.


We had a lovely time at Wasabi, a Japanese restaurant on State Street which did an excellent job of secluding our raucous group from the rest of the diners. They have a larger semi-private party space, which was really nice. You can do a group menu but they are happy to split checks as long as you tell them ahead of time. We also got two carafes of Saki for free, which was awesome of them to throw in!

Other fun restaurants include Poogan’s Porch (traditional southern cuisine in an old-fashioned Charleston Single House), Social (wine bar and tapas) Monza (gourmet, wood-oven pizza) and 39 Rue De Jean (French-fusion). Depending on what your group is into, Basil, (the best Thai food in town), Sermet’s (Mediterranean fusion) FIG (focus on local, sustainable and seasonal cuisine), and Husk (new southern cuisine) are also pretty accommodating.

Evening shenanigans


The bar scene in Charleston is beyond epic, to say the least. In and around East Bay and Market Streets, Wet Willie’s serves up alcoholic slushies, and you can get something called a “Nitrotini” (a martini mixed with liquid Nitrogen) at the Market Pavilion Hotel.

On Upper King, you can do nearly endless barhopping. Start at the top, with places like The Belmont and The Cocktail Club, and work your way down to Juanita Greenberg’s, which serves up THE best margaritas and late-night nachos in town. You’ll likely see other bachelorettes wandering the streets in costumes and twinkling-light veils. Send them a shot if you’re feeling congratulatory!


There is good dancing at most bars and some of the swankier cocktail places, but if you really want to rock out, head to Club Pantheon. This gay club has the best techno and party music in town, and the go-go dancers are seriously fit!

The morning after


Some would say that the best thing to do after a raucous night of drinking, is to rest up. Not in Charleston. It’s important to put your favorite pair of UGGs, leggings and college sweat shirt on, and head to AC’s Bar and Grille for their Hangover Helper brunch. You can get a mimosa for $1.50, or a whole pitcher for $10. Try some chicken and waffles with homemade rootbeer maple syrup, mmmm.

beach feet

Beach time

If you couldn’t possibly eat any more, head to any of Charleston’s perfect beaches. Folly Beach is fun and full of sexy surfer dudes, while Sullivan’s Island or Island of Palms will offer you a bit quieter of a setting. Parking can be tough, so head out early, or grab a cab (around $20 each way).

The point of a Bachelorette party is to have great time, and luckily no matter where you go in Charleston you’re pretty much guaranteed to have just that. There are lots of options for very classy, swanky parties, as well as places where you’ll wake up the next day saying, “Did we really go THERE?!” I definitely think if there was a female version of The Hangover, it’d be set in Charleston for sure. It’s just that kind of place!