So we learned all about why to spend our winter in South Africa‘s summer, how exciting and versatile a trip to New Zealand can be and how beautiful cities like Lisbon or Barcelona are even in winter. There’s only these two problems that keep us from fleeing the approaching cold front and escape to a winter down south: a) there are hardly enough leave days left to make it that far and b) the bank account throws a monkey wrench in the plans.

All details point towards one thing: staycation. However, giving up is not the Travelettes’ way of doing things, so we scratched our heads and thought about how to make this not so exotic destination more appealing.

Think Water, Think Big

Imagine your home could turn into a 5-star hotel complex like the ones in Dubai or the Maldives. To make this come true you could of course hire a butler and order food from your city’s best restaurant, but all you actually need is an over-head aquarium in your bedroom! Who knows, maybe some of you have a couple of spare dollars lying around to invest… and then again, if you had that money why don’t you just pay someone to do your job and go on holiday after all?


The Tropical Home Office

Let’s get to the more realistic part of this post. If the next warm sandy beach is about as far away as the next summer, turning the home office space into an indoor sandbox might help. Place a desk on a big pile of sand, turn the heater up, put on a bikini and work with ticklish sand between the toes!
PS: Don’t push the heater thing too far though – that would be bad for your financial situation and the environment alike!


To increase the feeling of working in paradise invest in a fancy photo wallpaper. Many providers offer a wide range of images of tropical beaches or maritime promenades, or turn your favorite shot from your summer holiday into personal home decoration! (e.g. Photowall)

An easy and healthy way to decorate every room in an apartment is to add foreign plants and flowers such as palm-trees or orchids. Not only is their care a soothing leisure activity, they also produce fresh air and bring a feeling of nature into a flat!

Get Creative

A cold winter afternoon is well spent with organizing holiday pictures. Let’s be honest, how often will you look through the thousands of folders and files on your computer – exactly, maybe once or twice. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some of the best shots developed and organize them in a pretty photo album? Crafting a unique book filled with favourite holiday memories can take up hours and wash away the greyness of winter.

Or have you brought a bunch of seashells from your last trip to Greece or Mexico and wonder what to do with them? Creating a seashell curtain is a perfect DIY project for a lazy afternoon at home and should ease your wanderlust for a little while longer!


Go on Sound-Holiday

Easily unnoticed auditive experiences are often even more distinctive for our memory than visuals. I recently came across the soundboard of Nature Sounds For Me and instantly fell in love. I now have individual audio files of the rainforest and the seaside lying on my desktop – calming me down during meditation and yoga, helping me focus while studying and writing this post and lulling me to sleep at night.


Happy Tummy, Happy Soul

Culinary highlights are one of the major aspects of a successful holiday. While many of the local and seasonal groceries might not be available in winter, it is quite easy to recreate exotic drinks of all kinds. Look up recipes for tropical smoothies and cocktails and use canned and frozen fruit instead of fresh. While you’re at it, decorate your drinks with colorful paper umbrellas! That way even a mug of mulled wine can look like a strawberry daiquiri!


So, before you give way to despair because you have to sit winter out at home, give these home improvements a try and get into a positive mood! However, nothing’s wrong with keeping following our writing and gather inspirations for the next summer daydream!

over-head aquarium image / sandy home office image / rainforest by Brian Shaw / seashell curtain image / summer drinks images left/right

This is a post by Kathi Kamleitner.

Kathi Kamleitner was a regular contributor at Travelettes from 2013 to 2019. Originally from Vienna, Austria, she packed her backpack to travel the world and lived in Denmark, Iceland and Berlin, before settling in Glasgow, Scotland. Kathi is always preparing her next trip – documenting her every step with her camera, pen and phone.

In 2016, Kathi founded Scotland travel blog to share her love for her new home, hiking in the Scottish Highlands, island hopping and vegan food. Follow her adventures on Instagram @watchmesee!