You are just on your way back from a shopping trip to London and you’re decked in with new clothes. Or maybe you’re traveling to visit old friends you want to treat to some lovely gifts. Or maybe you really just want to bring the big novel you’ve been reading but in all the above cases there is one problem: the Ryanair Handluggage allowance of a pityful 10kg.
You probably know about the rather unfriendly Ryanair staff will have no mercy with you and your extra 2 kilos. But there is a simple solution for this problem, which already helped me to bring an extra kilogram of German chocolate to London, where I am studying.

Ryanair (as well as other flight companies) has no limitation on the clothes you are wearing, so I always put on as many layers as I can and normally feel like an eskimo on summer holidays, but well, it is worth it – especially amusing are the looks of the security guards, when you put off all those layers.
My most important method to smuggle another 1-2kg of goods on board is my magic blue rain jacket, which has extremly big pockets, where I try to fit all kind of stuff into, such as a book, my wallet, sweets, my digital camera and other heavy stuff. And as soon as you are through the security control I put everything back in my hand luggage. Voila…. it has always worked out so far. But in case you are scared, I normally tell my parents or friends to wait at the airport until I’m through the security control.

And one tip for those who fly out from Stansted (London): they normally never check the weight, just make sure that your handbaggage meets the size restrictions.