Solo traveler recently posted an article on saving money to sponsor your travels and came up with some good suggestions such as emptying your wallet each night of all change to save in your travel piggy bank or to sell your stuff on Ebay.

This inspired us to share with you how we generate the extra cash needed to finance our travels. After a little Q&A among the other Travelettes, we were able to come up with some more tips on what you can do to gather cash quickly and allow you to hit the road.

  1. Sell your old clothes, jewellery and furniture at the fleamarket
  2. If you don’t have clothes to sell, bake a couple of yummy cakes and sell those for 1 or 2 euros a piece.
  3. During the summer, ditch the monthly metro pass and ride your bike. This alone may sponsor you a week in Italy.
  4. If you can sing, dance or play an instrument, consider busking (read here how our very own Gesa does this).
  5. Put up flyers at local gyms or coffeeshops offering babysitting, tutoring or dog-walking.
  6. Sublet your room or apartment for the time you are traveling (possibly charging a little more than your actual rent?)
  7. In line with this, consider staying with your folks or a friend for a month (pre-traveling) to sublet your place and save rent
  8. Stop smoking and buy no more than one drink (a beer) when you go out (if you are this poor, it also helps complaining to your friends how broke you are as they might pity you and buy you a drink).
  9. Ask your family to give you cash for your birthday and christmas instead of presents.
  10. Make an effort in not allowing yourself any splurges. No pricy cocktails, no clubbing that charges at the door, no new shoes, no fancy dinners.

Many of us have sold stuff or found ways of traveling on a very small budget, but the bottom line is – none of us let poverty keep us away from time spent on the road.

What do you do to finance your travels? Let us know!