Dear Travelettes,

if you like to travel with a backpack rather than a suitcase you will know what a drag it can be to pack it the right way. Fitting everything can be tricky and leaving enough space for things you buy on the road is tough.

There are ways to maximize space and a number of rights and wrongs when it comes to putting everything in. Rather than listing everything I do to pack my bag I found a great video that explains a great way to pack your bag including some sound advice on the little do’s and don’ts of backpack-packing. One edit though: the girl in the video is not entirely right about her ideas of ideal weight distribution. While she thinks it’s best to put the heavy things on the bottom of the backpack, research has actually shown that it’s easiest to carry your pack if the heavy stuff is in the inner middle and outer top of your backpack.

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While this tutorial is focussing on packing your bag for traveling Europe, a lot of it is still valid when you’re packing for Asia, Africa or South America. Depending on what season you are traveling in, you might not need as many warm clothes as you do in Europe (remember, however, that seasons are switched around in South America, parts of Asia and Australia and our summer might be their winter).