These last days we’ve talked so much about romance that happens while traveling that I felt it quite appropriate to give some tips to those who maybe, would like to meet a nice boy on the road, but are not sure how to meet him.

When you find yourself single and ready to mingle there are more than a few ways to go about getting out there. If this rings any bells don’t feel embarrassed or weird– you’re not the first person to search for the cutest guy to crash with via Couchsurfing or an entertaining dude to ride-share across the country with. Deep down inside we all must remember: when you’re least looking for love or a weekend fling in a foreign place it will probably be likely to happen when you least expect it.

THUS: The best way to go about meeting someone is to do something you love to do.


If you’re interested in knowledge (which, I can only imagine, all of us are in one way or another), and traveling through a kitschy part of town, head to a local book store. It especially helps if the store is specific to your interest: i.e. art, music, mind reading, whatever it may be. The chances of a cute guy who knows the area (i.e. works at and/or frequents the store) just hanging around waiting to help you find a monograph on the very top shelf of some random photographer (whose name you can’t quite remember) are very high.

Another great option while traveling is to look to your travel Bible, Lonely Planet, for book exchanges in each city. It’s quite likely that there will be boys at these exchanges who have tips (or need tips) on where to travel or what to do. Planning travel with new people can lead to all kinds of adventures!

Another great thing to check out in an unfamiliar place is live music. Usually in large cities there will be some music, SOME WHERE, every night. Whether it be a festival or one night at a blues bar it is rare that you can go wrong when you’re both listening to something you love; let the mood set itself.


When travelling in a place known for its yummy or original food a restaurant is a great place to go for sitting/eating/drinking/eye candy gazing. Vegan? Full on carnivore? Not sure, don’t care, or into eating whatever new thing you can try? Do it all and take your time. The chances of you meeting someone who can introduce you to new things or show you new creations of the same old dishes are always good– your waiter, or the guy behind the counter, knows best. Make a little small talk and who knows, when he gets off work maybe a coffee or a beer would be to his liking (with you, of course).


In any city, specifically large ones known for their fashion or innovative style, this next suggestion can be a prime resource. You may not believe it at first, but pampering yourself a bit with a new haircut or simply some window shopping can be a great way to meet a guy who won’t only help you look great, but feel great as well. One of the best guys I’ve ever met was a salon owner who cut my hair and offered great conversation (not to mention that he was very easy on the eyes). I must note that his model girlfriend kept me far from asking him out, but both she and he took time to bring me with them for a few nights on the town and introduced me to some equally intriguing friends.


In the end my favorite man, by far, has been my Hungarian Knight in Semi-Shining armor.

Where have you found flings?