Spending over a third of the year traveling, I am often away from home for weeks and months at a time. I feel lucky that so far nothing bad has ever happened, but every once in a while I hear stories from friends and acquaintances about robberies and those stories are usually pretty scary. So far I have had to rely on my own optimism and trust that everything would be OK when I come home from traveling but the days of hoping are over, because now there is reassurance!

Bosch Smart Home has come up with an intelligent Smart Home security system, which allows users to keep an eye on their home and belongings even when they’re beach-hopping on the other side of the world. Needless to say I was keen on getting my hands on a starter kit! Knowing that my home is totally safe and taken care of while I roam the globe gives me a great feeling.

360° Indoor Camera

So how exactly does it work? There are various possibilities to prevent break-ins and monitor your house. The most straight-forward would be the 360° Indoor Camera which can be regulated and checked from your phone wherever you go. All it takes is a quick download of the Bosch SmartHome Camera app and you’re good to go. This is a great tool for checking on your home at any time to be sure the door is closed, the plants look happy and to delight at the absence of thieves. For example, if someone was to break in, the camera would detect this, immediately send a push-up notice to your phone. If you’re concerned about a steady wifi-connection, sending the messages to a friend is also an option!

Smoking & Motion Detector

I haven’t felt the same way when it comes to fire and my home since seeing the dramatic images from the great fire in London at the Grenfell Tower. Add to this that my new place has a gas stove and you can be sure that a functional fire detector is no longer just an optional accessory to me. While the Bosch Smart Home will put on a siren when there is smoke, that same siren will also go off when any movement was registered by the motion detector that comes with the system. No burglars will want to hang out and rob stuff with a sounding alarm on. It can also turn all the lights on throughout the home, giving your camera a good view of what is happening. Although technically the light wouldn’t be needed to take good photos of the thieves, since this The Bosch Smart Home camera lens is strong enough to photograph in the dark. The system will further alarm you on your phone of what is happening at home.

Smart Plug

Saving electricity is not only a priority for your wallet but also for the environment which is why I love the Bosch smart home plug. Whatever you have branched to it can be controlled from your phone, ensuring that no passive electricity is being discharged when your lamp and toaster aren’t actually being used at all. You can check this at any time via your app.

Switch Flex

These discreet buttons can be attached anywhere, for example next to the entrance door to facilitate regulating your system and letting your smart home know you are leaving. These processes can all be done via your phone, but sometimes a simple switch of a button is just so easy. Switching lights on and off was never easier and you won’t even have to be in the country to do it!

What do you guys do to keep your home safe? Keep in touch with Fire Watch Patrol Services in case of defunct fire-alarm systems? Neighbors checking in? Automated light switches? Would love to hear about your approach in the comments!

*This post was created in collaboration with Bosch Smart Home