This is where we tell you how you may well score a free flight of your choosing. Now, wouldn’t that be a dream? Does this headline sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not!


Skyscanner has an amazing competition running right now, to celebrate their Skyscanner app which lets people find the cheapest available flights at all times. The website has long been my comparison tool of choice so I was happy to download the app, in order to enter their cool competition. What exactly can you win?

10 free flights! 10!


How? Simply click here to find out.

So what’s the catch, you may wonder? Unfortunately it is only available to residents of the Unites States, the UK, Ireland and India. Also, entries close on February 2nd, so don’t waste any time!


I don’t know what you’ve heard about give-away’s and competitions but let me let you in on a little secret: very often they aren’t nearly as hopeless as you think. I have had many a PR comment to me that their competition has very few entries, sometimes even less than the prizes on offer! You know what makes the group of participants smaller, hence your chances to win even bigger? Conditions! The more you have to do to partake in a competition, the better your actual chances to win.

To take home those free flights, simply download the (actually useful) Skyscanner App and click on the banner saying “win a flight”. After that just follow the instruction and think lucky thoughts!


*This post was created in collaboration with Skyscanner.