I recently caught myself blurting out something along the lines of “I think being a traveler is more like a mindset than a job description or a hobby”. This piece of utter wisdom may or may not have been the result of a rosé wine infused night in a Hoxton bar, but either way, it did make me think the morning after.

If traveling increases our life quality and I think it definitely does, then why limit joy and adventure to the times you’re actually on the road? Why not turn the mindset you have while exploring new territory into a 24/7 attitude and be inspired while working, making dinner or doing the grocery shopping?

1. Stick your head in the clouds (and leave it there)

In other words: Dreaming big shouldn’t be reserved for holidays when the world is your oyster, it should also apply to grey, boring days when you’re not feeling overly motivated. There’s a saying that goes ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough’. If I’m honest, sometimes people laugh at me when I talk about my biggest dreams (writing for The New York Times – I know right? Hahaha) but I couldn’t care less because being able to dream, plan and work hard towards that goal is a huge part of who we are – so let’s try and nourish that.



2. Search for adventure

You know the ‘song’ Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann? It’s probably more like a life lesson than a song. Out of about a hundred things he says that deserve to be lipstick-written onto your mirror (see also: 4.), this one’s my favourite: Do one thing every day that scares you. Obviously you wouldn’t start each day asking yourself that question but it often helps me making decisions. If there’s the easy, convenient option that I would handle well enough, and there’s a second, slightly intimidating one that I don’t really know how to approach, then I’d go for the latter one just to keep me challenged and broaden my horizon.

3. Try new things!

This is perhaps the key point: Be on the look for new things even if you’ve known your hood for a thousand years. Trust me, things change, people change, your views change, there are so many Whoa!’s just waiting to come out of your mouth! My first thought when meeting someone new/different/weird often is ‘How can I turn you into a story?’ and while I know that’s not a particularly honourable (or respectful) attitude, it does help to get excited easily and to expect little everyday miracles.


4. Look for inspiration

Collect some of your favourite quotes and photographs (or Instagram treasures) and pin them onto your wall. Looking at this collection takes 0.2 seconds per day and it can make all the difference in terms of staying positive and motivated. Pro tip: Take an old lipstick and write something like Twain’s ‘Explore, Dream Discover’ onto a mirror.



5. Get organised and manage your time better (there’s new adventures waiting to be had after all!)

Let me give you the prime example of how to not do things. Since starting things blog post, I’ve paid bills, had a rushed breakfast, half-packed my bag for the next trip (which should have been finished by now as I’m leaving in an hour) and chased the dog through the garden. Not exactly your no. 1 example of effective time management, hey? Strict to-do lists really help to focus throughout the day. If that’s not your thing and you still have a tough day ahead, just ask a friend to have no mercy and send you hourly texts asking whether you’re still on track. Being unorganised is a tad harder to justify if someone else is watching! (Insert CIA joke here)



6. Take time for yourself

I’ve never done yoga but I’m starting to think that maybe I should crawl onto a yoga mat and actively start being mindful and reflective. So my next article might by written by ‘Yoga coach Caroline’… watch out! Either way, I think being in line with your body and making sure you’re moving at the right pace (both mentally and physically) is absolutely key to your well-being. Take time for yourself, reflect on the things you’ve achieved and want to achieve tomorrow (as with everything on this list, it doesn’t have to be getting nominated as Hillary Clinton’s competitor in the next US election, it can be small things). Learn to look in the mirror and smile, take a 20-minute walk or bike ride to work instead of public transport or take the time for a lengthy breakfast.



7. And last but not least, have a bit of fun on the way! #YOLO

All photographs taken by Caroline Schmitt