Waking up to the same piece of grey sky every morning. Walking down the street you walked down thousands of times, not even paying attention to the crazy people yelling at themselves on the corner anymore. Automatically doing those two steps into the bus, waiting for the familiar beep of your transport pass being scanned. Sitting on a chair all day that has become so familiar you know exactly which squeeeak to expect every time you cross your left leg over you right, or your right leg over your left.

Are you starting to feel trapped in routine? Has everything become so familiar, so predictable that you’re operating on automatic mode, barely aware of your surroundings? Are you struggling to remember why you fell in love with your city in the first place? Have you come to loathe it so much that you wish you could run away to the exact other side of the world?

Boom! Time for a change. Find out where you should escape to put as much distance as earthly possible between yourself and the daily environment that is sucking the life out of you.

If you live in London, Paris or Berlin

Sick of the polluted, over-crammed old streets of the European capitals? Jump on a plane to Dunedin, New Zealand (19,081 km away from London): its laid-back vibe, lively student buzz and thriving indie-music scene will have you breathe again in no time. Better yet, it’s a great base to explore the Otago Peninsula, where you’ll hang out with sea lions, royal albatrosses and little blue penguins. Better?


If you live in New-York, USA

Worn out by the frantic pace of the City that Never Sleeps? Make a move to more livable surroundings: welcome to Perth, Australia (18,700 km away)! With beautiful weather, lush ocean, river beaches and the bush just a short motorised ride away, it is the perfect city to wind down—yet its sophisticated dining scene and cultural attractions are there to satisfy your taste for big-city activities.


If you live in Los Angeles, USA

Tired of the aspiring celebrities and fitness obsession, but not ready to let go of the golden beaches? Saint Paul, La Réunion (18,429 km away) might be just the solution for you. With its transparent lagoon and party-prone seaside resorts, the West Coast of this Indian Ocean island is the perfect spot to laze around in the sun. The island is a wild mix of jungle, volcanoes and waterfalls, perfect to keep up with your exercise routine—lost in nature rather than on concrete.


If you live in Melbourne, Australia

Had enough of being stuck Down Under? Head straight to St John’s, Canada (18,214 km away): the oldest city in North America looks a bit like San Francisco and exudes a similar artistic vibe—but with an irresistible small-town atmosphere, that will have you feel like a local in no time. And when you hear the call of the great outdoors, the natural wonders of the Avalon peninsula are just at your doorstep.


If you live in Cape Town, South Africa

Love the sunny weather, but feel like soaking it in somewhere new? Fly out to Honolulu, Hawaii (18,560 km away): palm trees, fine sand, ever-sunny weather—it is exactly what you would expect of a tropical paradise. That, plus a unique blend of cultures, an exciting food scene and luscious forest reserves just a short ride away.

honululu, hawaii

If you live in Hong Kong

Sick of the high buildings, heat and overpopulation? Cool down in Tarija, Bolivia (19,884 km away): enjoy the mild climate, the slow-paced life and chilling out while sipping a drink on one of the town’s numerous terraces. The best news? Tarija is surrounded by wineries… Cheers to the escape!


If you live in Tokyo, Japan

Suffering urban overload in the world’s largest city? Take a break in Santa Catarina, Brazil (18,863 km away), a real paradise for beach-lovers of all kinds: whether you like secluded, almost deserted strips or sand or prefer crazy beach-party scenes, you’re bound to find the beach of your dreams on the hundreds of kilometers of coastline that Santa Catarina has to offer.


If you live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tired of superlatives? Take it down a notch in Valdivia, Chile (15,004 km away): this laid-back student and backpacker town will make you feel rejuvenated. Plus it’s located at the confluence of three rivers: beautiful and guaranteed to make you cool down after Dubai’s burning heat.

valdivia, chile

If you live in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Had enough of tango, Malbec and empanadas? Time to discover a new culture in Jiangsu Province, China (19,823 km away). Abundant vegetation, historical cities peppered on the banks of the Grand Canal, sophisticated gardens, scenic lakes – how’s that for a change of scenery?

Jiangsu Province, China

Can’t find your city in the list? FurthestCity.com is an ingenious little website that will help you find out where to escape. Now on to packing!


Photos via Flickr:
Dunedin  via Florian Dietrich
Perth via Ole Reidar Johansen
Saint Paul via Wikipedia

St John’s via wikipedia
Honolulu by Katja Hentschel
Santa Catarina by Rodrigo Soldon
Tarija via Wikipedia
Valdivia by Pablo Mendeses
Jiangsu by Alexandra Moss

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