It’s that time of the year again. You feel like the auto responses of your friends and colleagues are turning into some real loyal pen pals and your Instagram feed is exploding with happy people on the beach. Unfortunately you aren’t one of them. What a bummer.

No need to bury your head in the sands though (friendly reminder: You can’t, you are NOT at the beach. Sorry.) Travelettes has got you covered! There is so much you can do to feel like you are on the ultimate vacation without even leaving the house. Now call in sick and thank us later…


1 Get some birds’ sand from the pet shop and wash your hair with it instead of shampoo. Send an “annoyed” text message to your friends then, telling them you just can’t get rid of all that sand in your hair (haha)

2. As soon as you wake up, run to your sofa to save the best spot with a towel.

3. Call your neighbor from downstairs and ask why the room service is taking so darn long?!

4. Change your profile picture on all your social media channels to the tackiest sundown picture you ever took. Change the background of your phone and laptop too.

…there you go!

5. Use sun screen for E V E R Y T H I N G!

6. Throw a cocktail party. For your friends, your cat or just yourself. Don’t forget to use self-tanning lotion, ideally wear a white, expensive-looking dress and pretend you are on a cruise.

7. Buy some sea salt to take a bath in. It’s actually good for your skin and you can rub a bit on it into your eyes for the ultimate ocean vibes. Consider buying some plastic fish and diver goggles for an even more authentic feeling.

8. Listen to music you normally don’t listen to. Try out the web radio Radiooooo, it’s super fun and allows you to travel the world acoustically. You can even travel time here. For zero bucks.

9. Put a luggage tag on your hand bag. Why? Because you can.

10. Send a postcard to your grandma with a selfie of you in front of your favorite potted plant.

11. Put all your cosmetics into 100ml plastic bottles. All the usually annoying spilling is part of the fun here.

12. Gone to the pool? No? Nobody has to know. Just wet your bathing suit and hang it out to dry on a very prominent place in your apartment…

13. Check your friends’ passports when they are entering your apartment.

14. Learn how to carve things out of watermelon

15. Have you ever considered purchasing this as a wallpaper? If not do it now.

Have fun and save travels, everyone!  ♥

PS: Lucky you, it’s probably not gonna rain on your trip!

All photos © Tabea Mathern