After a couple of months traveling through South America, I realised I had to come home to my mum who missed me and my empty bank account.  So I decided to fly back home, to get some love and work a little, to pay my next trip.

One thing I completely forgot about, was the weather. Returning to Berlin in February, what else could I expect but grey skies and icy winds. After surfing in Rio de Janeiro and tanning on the beaches of colombia the 40°C temperature difference came in as an inconvenient fact, mildly put. So now I hide in my little cave, big socks on and always a cup of ginger tea in my hands, waiting for spring to arrive.
Bild 8

From indigenous tribes in South America I learned how to do the rain dance. I transformed my knowledge in my situation and made a spring dance in form of a video collage:

And here are my top 5: How to avoid a Berlin winter-depression:

1) Book a ticket for your next trip and start to dream while reading through a Lonely Planet Guide book of your choice.
2) Go to the Solarium, in a swimming pool with warm Jacuzzis and wear your sunnies and the most exiting bikini.
3) Keep in Touch with your new friends, who are still traveling and keep your holiday love alive by sending romantic emails.
4) Pretend you are a tourist from Australia and see your city with innocent eyes. “Oh My God! Snow! How exiting!”
5) Cuddle with your friends while eating real bread with french cheese and drink hot chocolate with a lot of cream. (That is something I missed most, while I was in the road)

Apply these tips and before you know it there will be 15 degrees outside and you wake up to the sun shining through your window (a little bit like today in berlin)